Adder: Nukewatch Pathfinder, July 2001

Plaats: Luck WI, USA
Datum: 1 July 2001
Waste, lies, and nuclear madness: reckless attempts to resuscitate atomic energyHarvey Wasserman
No time to revive reactor contruction: shutting down reactors improves healthThe Nation
Pentagon eye$ control of outer $paceDan Miner-Nordstrom
Food irradiators seek deregulation; violate labeling lawsNoel Petri
Brands to boycott
Irradiation's dirty recordFood & Water Journal
Consumer group urges recall of meslabeled meatJohn LaForge
Irradiation shell game coming to SchaumburgJohn LaForge
Chernobyl explosion still smoking; concrete cover may collapseThe Currier-Mail
Chernobyl fallout causing human mutationsMilwaukee Journal Sentinel
Expanding radiation exposure ICitizen Alert
Expanding radiation IINuclear Information & Resource Service
Marine corps unveils electromagnetic gun disigned to sicken crowdsThe New York Times
Reactor fuel train derailsBBC News Scotland
Engineer quits, condemns new H-bombsThe San Fransisco Chronicle
German waste shipment delayed by protestsNIRS and Wire Reports
Where'd the water go?Reuters
Silence Trident Activists sentenced in Federal CourtDan Miner-Nordstrom
Two jailed after urging criminal investigation of ELF
Ground zero leads coalition in suit against Trident expansion
Depleted Uranium hazards whitewashedJohn LaForge
Britain snatched babies' bodies for weapon experimentsThe Ecologist
Midwest Anti-nuclear activists protest shipment of nuclear waste
Goshute: radiation experiments writ large
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