Adder: Nukewatch Pathfinder, March 2007

Plaats: Luck WI, USA
Datum: 1 March 2007
'59 reactor meltdown in California kept secret. Study of contamination at RocketRutschman, Avi
Minnesota reactor aging badlyUrfer, Bonnie/ LaForge, John
Nuclear waste shipment meets massive resistance in GermanySimmons, Skyler
More contamination found on British beachesBBC, Dec. 13, 2006
Hot dog parkUnited Press International, Nov. 30, 2006
Radioactive discharge poisons Indian, Jan. 15, 2007
Radioactive trafficking lost & FoundAll Headline News, West Palm Beach, Forida., Feb. 1, 2007
False data jeopardizes Japanese reactorsMainichi Daily News, Feb. 2, 2007
Contamination at U.S. nuclear weapons laboratoryAP, Albuquerguw Tribune, Nov. 29, 2006
Radioactive parcels stop mail at U.S./ Canadian borderToronto Sun, Nov. 30, 2006
You're so hot: Is that uranium in your pocket?Reuters, Jan. 26, 2007
National Laboratory & Duratek fined for illegal 400,000-gal. dischargeChannel 6 news, Knoxville, Jan. 3, 2007
Greenhouse hypeBenkowski, Paul Vos
Uranium mining = racismUrfer, Bonnie/ Heid, John
Australian nuclear waste shipped to U.S.
Germany sends uranium to Russia
Explosion at Daiblo CanyonSan Luis Obispo tribune, Dec. 13 & 14, 2006
There's nothing unusual about accidents: OperatorThe Local (Stockholm), Feb. 3, 10, 14, 16 & 22, 2007
Fire and cooling water leaks at RinghalsPhysorg. com, Feb. 16, 2007
Broken & Missing waste fuel rod leads to fineEarth Times, Dec. 30, 2006
Contamination surrounds Indian Point ReactorJournal News, Feb. 16, 2007
Potassium iodide dispensed for use in radiation disasterMinneapolis Star Tribune, Jan. 2 & 3, 2007
Oyster Creek reactor versus endangered sea turtlesAsbury Park Press Online, Feb. 10, 2007
Reactor removed, waste remains, "contamination inevitable"Hartford Courant, Dec. 3;& AP, Oct. 4, 2006
Vermont Yankee hauling contaminated equipmentRutland Herald, Dec. 21, 2006
Palo Verde voted most dangerousArizona Daily Sun, Feb. 23, 2006
Nuclear reactors: Building blocks for H-bombsMaxand, Jeremy M.
Enough money wasted on nuclear powerBoyd, Michele
Truck carrying fuel-grade uranium crashesHouston, DEc. 22, 2006
Mammograms offer no health benefits Whatsoever, doctors concludeGutierrez, David
Uranium weapons updatesLaForge, John
Plutonium in DU weapons, a chronologyRepacholi, Dr. Michael
Help stop the Hawaiian food irradiator
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