Adder: Nukewatch Pathfinder, June 2008

City: Luck WI, USA
Date: 1 June 2008
Profiteers trying to resuscitate food irradiationRemus, Ed
When temporary means 200 yearsUrfer, Bonnie
China inspecting its military reactors in shattered quake zone
Rhymes with orangePrice, Hilary
Nukewatch on Uranium weapons, before the Dutch Parliament's committee on defenseLaForge, John
13 million pounds of unimportant DU waste sent from Kuwait to U.S.
European Parliament strengthens call for DU moratorium
The U.S. knew about consequences of depleted uranium - British expert
Rollover throws drums of rad material from truckCharleston Daily Mail, Feb. 21 & March 5, 2008
France cozying up to the Algeria it bombedReuters, February 28, 2007
Nuclear workers killed at Pakistani, April 28, 2008
Tracking wasted animalsTri City Herald, March 28, 2008
Worker contaminated at Sabia, IncIdaho Press-Tribune, March 2, 2008
Uranium processor pleads guilty to killing birdsPRNewswire, Denver Post, March 12, 2008
Bush: Nukes good for Bulgaria, bad for IranXinhu & Sofia Novinite, March 12, 2008
Court orders cleanup military rad waste dumpsFalls Post Register, May 21, 2008
50,000 tons of radwaste threaten Missouri river basinThe St.Louis post-dispatch, March 27&28, 2008
Unwarned federal lab. workers deliberately exposedthe Daily Californian, Feb. 12, 2008
Hot milk with your teaThe Whitehaven News, April 16, 2008
Reactors dumped in Russia's Kara SeaRIA Novisti, April 11, 2008
Worker radiation exposures hidden,, April 28, 2008
Cameco warns of Lake Ontario contaminationTribune, May 22, 2008
New reactors, same old risks. Making you pay for the next Chernobyl - in advanceWasserman, Harvey
Counterfeit safetyWorld Nuclear News, April 8, 2008
Three Mile Island at 29: Reactors and Infant HealthLaForge, John
Another leak at Braidwood, IllinoisThe Herald News, Feb. 13, 2008
Pre$idential nuclear Politic$
Secret safety study slammedThe Star Ledger, April 7, 2008
Should women and children be evacuated?Fairlie, Ian
Greenpeace reveals radiation spewed in Spain
Vermont Yankee crane fails, high-level waste cask falls 4Rutland Herald, May 20&22, 2008
Energy$olutions, Inc. dumps on Utah
Contaminated legacy doesn't scare uranium prospectorsUrfer, Bonnie
Radiation from Army's barrels in Lake Superior?LaForge, John
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