15 years on - no time to look back

AuthorTownsley, Mike
Date 1 August 1992
Page number13
MagazineThe Safe Energy Journal, Edinburgh, UK
Gedigitaliseerd beschikbaar op de site van Laka.
Number of pages 1
Tags: ANTI-NUCLEAR MOVEMENT - Anti-Nuclear Movement (AKB) and environmental organizations
BNFL - British Nuclear Fuels Ltd (see also BNG)
CONSTRUCTION NUCLEAR POWER PLANT - (Installations) international + Netherlands
UNITED KINGDOM - Great Britain and Northern Ireland
COSTS NUCLEAR ENERGY - Atomic energy costs
NUCLEAR ELECTRIC - English company, formerly CEGB
POLITIEK - nuclear energy policy
PWR - Pressurized water reactor
SCOTTISH NUCLEAR - Company, owner of nuclear plants
SIZEWELL, GB - location 3 reactors (Magnox 2 & 1 PWR)

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