Capital costs of sodium-cooled breeder reactors larger than 100 MWt

Date 1 February 2001
Page number4
MagazineScience for Democratic Action, Takoma Park, USA
Year 9
Number of pages 1
Tags: DOUNREAY, GB - location, UK
FERMI, USA - Fermi, Michigan, USA
JOYO - location Japan, fast breeder test reactor
KALKAR, GERMANY - Kalkar, Germany
COSTS NUCLEAR ENERGY - Atomic energy costs
BREEDER REACTORS - Sodium cooled, current model
MONJU, JAPAN - fast breeder reactor Japan
PHENIX, FRANCE - FBR, location Creys-Malville in Isere, France
SUPERPHENIX - location 1200mw FBR in Malville, France

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