Échelle de toxicité des radioéléments

AuthorJean-Pierre Morichaud
DescriptionTabel behorende bij het artikel "L'imposture nucléaire"
Date 1 December 2003
Page number23
Magazine(Reseau) Sortir du nucleaire, Lyon, France
Number of pages 1
Tags: ACTINIDEN - actinide burning and research
AMERICIUM - All isotopes
CESIUM - All isotopes
CURIUM - Curium, all isotopes
RE-USE / RECYCLE - Rad. material as waste, highly enriched uranium, etc
COBALT - All isotopes
NATURAL RADIATION - also called background radiation
NEPTUNIUM - Neptunium
PLUTONIUM - environment, use, production, discussion transuranic
RADON - Radon
STRONTIUM - all Isotopes
TRITIUM - incl. OBT (organically-bound tritium)
URANIUM GENERAL - raw matwerial, isotopes, toxicity, etc.
DEPLETED URANIUM - residual product of enrichment

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