Introduction, consommation d'eau et annexes

AuthorMarc Saint Aroman
DescriptionComments on the annual safety report 2004 published by EDF
Date 1 November 2005
Page number10-14
MagazineStop Golfech, Agen (Frankrijk)
Year 26
Number of pages 5
Tags: CENSORSHIP - including (attempts) to conceal or alter information
CESIUM - All isotopes
DRINKING WATER - groundwater with radioactive substances and effects on drinking water
NOBEL GASES - isotopes of noble gases
EDF - Electricité de France, Paris
FRANCE - France
GOLFECH, FRANCE - Golfech, France
ILLEGAL OPERATION - by nucl. industry; not by activists; no trade
COBALT - All isotopes
DISCHARGES SOIL - Radioactive discharges and soil pollution vd; incl. groundwater
DISCHARGES AIR - Radioactive discharges and pollution of the air
DISCHARGES WATER - radioact. discharges and pollution of sea and surface water
MAINTENANCE - shutdown reactor for improvement, safety and maintenance
RADIATION MEASUREMENTS - also measured transgression norm but see standard height: STR.NORM
THERMAL EFFECTS - thermal pollution from nuclear energy
TRITIUM - incl. OBT (organically-bound tritium)

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