Adder: Third Opinion, March 1998

City: Sydney, Australie
Date: 1 March 1998
Description: Australia's independent Energy Journal
The ALP has dropped its "three mines"
In January, the European parlaiment voted
The federal government is planning
In mid-december, the Swedish parlaiment
Jabiluka. We'll make a bigger mess if you don't agree
The old reactor/ the new reactor. Panic stations as fire rings Lucas HeightGreen, Jim
On november 18, Japanese anti-nuclear activists
Australia's uranium exports in 1997
Radioactive waste from Britain's
The Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control
On September 30, a gravel truck
Namibia. More come forward
The Beverly uranium mine, South Australia. No guarantee the gunk will stay in thBee, Steve
A study sponsored by the German
South Africa has abandoned
Coming soon: The Roxby expansion. The largest 'hot' spot in the world
More evidence: it does fade your genes
Roxstop: one impressionMudd, Gavin
On December 22, more than 100 demonstrators
The German administrative court
Still on shaky ground
Connecticut Yankee is trying to find
Something nice for the kiddies to worry about
An attempt by a group pro-nuclear
No idea department
Even the industry is appalled
Mopeds the rescue!
Fallout from the tests. Just stall, they'll be dead soon
The pilots were ideal because they had regular medical checks
Dr. Eric Wright of Britain's Medical Research Council (MRC)
Last November, Austria became the first country
The Japanese government printed
After months of uncertainly
The Asian crisis. Bumbpy road ahead for South Korea
Chernobyl repairs: funds trickle in
France: the market begins to decline
Canada. Where have we heard this before?
Shape up or quit
In Canada's first ever referendum on nuclear power
Still in Canada. According to a report
Tests conducted on highly
Nuclear waste. Native Americans: the ceremonies go on
US approves more meat zapping
Power crisis in Russia. To close or patch up?
Chernobyl's secret memos
Just give 'em a junket
The European court of human rights
A group of chidren found a highly radioactive source
At the end of December
Recycling. Kitchenware that glows
The stern section of a Panamanian-flagged freighter
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