Adder: Third Opinion, December 1998

City: Sydney, Australie
Date: 1 December 1998
Description: Australia's independent Energy Journal
ERA's after tax profit for 1997-98
Cogema will close its Mounana uranium mine
The uranium spot market is losing its significance
Contaminated water continues to leak
Not big on detail
Germany to begin nuclear phase-out process
Jabiluka, a chronology of campaign. September 7 - november 25, 1998
On Oct. 23, the Texas Natural Resources
Just two months after the Mochovce reactor
Canada's Ontario Hydro is to buy 1000 tons
A new French energy planning study
Bulgarian authorities have found
Switzerland's energy minister
Cuban President Fidel Castro has announced
The old dogs vs the new pups
Children exposed to radioactive iodine
The Korea Electric Co has dropped
A bunch of contradictions
Local residents and environmental groups
Japan's Chugoku Electric Power Co.
Eight men have been arrested in Istanbul
A bacterium found in can of spoiled meat
Denail after denail won't wash
Neither is bigger than the other's
Russia's atomic killing fieldsHarrison, David
Scrap doesn't stay scrap
The millennium bug doesn't seem to bother
Investigators say the US National Citizen's
Ten members of the International Citizen's Inspection Team
Life after shutdownGoldberg, Carey
Who said those B-grade 1950s horror movies
Doctors and scientists in the United States
New Greenpeace sampling carried out
Spain's militairy intelligence agency
Reactor goes in fire sale
Fallout from the Gulf: vets exposed
Iran has earmarked nearly $US140 million
South Korea has agreed to cover 70 percent
Only one of four reactors
In a damages case involving a nuclear fuel plant
On Sep. 1, Sergey Kharitonov
If electrcity prices in the Czech republic
Who foots this cleanup bill?
A survey of more than 2000 Britons
Greenpeace has called on the French government
What if it had been Cassini?
US nuclear whistleblower sues the beast
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