Adder: Third Opinion, September 1999

City: Sydney, Australie
Date: 1 September 1999
Description: Australia's independent Energy Journal
Weak uranium prices are eroding
International Uranium Corp. has reported
The $1.94 billion expansion at the Roxby Downs
After nearly 40 years, uranium production
If you're heading for a rock..
Like driving a freeway through the pyramids
In the aftermath of the Turkish earthquake
Four of Germany's 19 reactors
Cogema, which operates France's La Hague
Environmental groups in Spain have reacted
Canadian uranium exports
Totally predictable
Big chunk earmarked
Nuclear-free zone to protect prime WA country
The government of the Indian state of Bihar
A string of earthquakes hit close to Yucca Mountain
Nevada lawmakers say the US
Farmers in Pembrokeshire, south-west Wales
On Jul. 10, singer Billy Joel and model Christie Brinkley
Ohms not bombs
Too close for comfort
The big shutdown, just in case
A different threat in Russia
Bedding down with the nuke
High temperatures
Sweden's supreme administrative court
Belgium's new Liberal-Socialist-Green coalition
Tennessee state officials have agreed
The world's first nuclear power plant
The threat of random outages
Brits go untested
The evidence continues to mount
Two more 'death' ships leave Europe for Japan. Another dose of the plutonium sta
The purpose of the mox
The owner of a sporting estate
Siemens is cutting staff numbers
Britain's Nuclear Instalations Inspectorate (NII)
The Campaign for Nuclear disarmament
Bombs-to-power plan is just symbolic
Building without all the blueprints
In his drive to close unprofitable businesses
Britain's stockpile of weapons-grade plutonium
Workers in US nuclear weapons facilities
The British nuclear waste disposal company Nirex
Residents with cancer on Ireland's east coast
Fiji gives pensions to its n-vets, Australia waits as they drop like flies
Theething trouble
Glowing mushrooms
Death is not the worst thingWard, Olivia
British troops received massive exposure
The rate of thyroid cancer
Who makes DU?
Kazakhstan's only nuclear reactor
More than 68 percent of Japanese say
Residents have attacked the Japanese government
On Jul. 12, 90 tons of radioactive cooling water
Oregon's Trojan nuclear power plant
The next silent aftermath
Tokyo Electric Power Co
Canadian academics
Lithuania, the most nuclear-dependent country
A new opinion poll shows
More than 20 activists from Russia
OnJul. 21, customs in Kazakstan
The truth will out
The Hanford headache continues
American Electric Power Co.
The US Enrichment Corporation has suspended work
A plan to sell-off 49 percent of British Nuclear Fuel (BNFL)
Still on BNFL. It looks as though
Take a Bath, Niagara
South Korea will loan North Korea $US3.2 billion
The US Department of Energy wants $US 409 million
The US General Accounting Office says
After spending more than $US111 million over a decade
On the nuclear never-never
The US government will spend $US280 million
After 16 years' research costing $US490 million
A new report from Britain's NRPB
The things we research
The French Greens have warned
EDF has delayed the restart of the Civaux
Replacing Chernobyl. Gas is half the price
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