Another blow to MOX

Descriptionkort nieuws
Date 1 March 2001
Page number4
MagazineThird Opinion, Sydney, Australie
Australia's independent Energy Journal
Number of pages 1
Tags: EXPORT - import and export; No power! (See IMPORT than ATOMIC POWER)
FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI - Fukushima I Nos 1 t / m. 6; Japan
UNITED KINGDOM - Great Britain and Northern Ireland
JAPAN - country in Asia
KEPCO, JAPAN - Kansai Electric Power co.'s
MOX - Mixed oxide fuel, commonly referred to as MOX fuel, is nuclear fuel that contains more than one oxide of fissile material, usually consisting of plutonium blended with natural uranium, reprocessed uranium, or depleted uranium.
SELLAFIELD - location reprocessing plants, see: THORP Drigg
TEPCO - Tokyo Electric Power Co. (Do not confuse with Tohoku EPCO)

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