Adder: Third Opinion, April 2001

City: Sydney, Australie
Date: 1 April 2001
Description: Australia's independent Energy Journal
(Zonder titel: Meanwhile, campaigning war veterans...)Hull Daily Mail, Aug 23, 2001
About to ramp upNuclear Information Centre, sep, 2001
Jobs just shrinkNuclear Information Centre, Jul 2001
Now you wake upNuclear Information Centre, Aug 2001
Too much humbugNewClear Times, Winter 2001
Australia an Argentina sign pact: Ssh! Don't tell anyone...Inter Press Service/Asia Times, Aug 10/ ABC News, Aug 8/...
Huge responseAAP, Sep 5, 2001
Whose best interest?AAP, Aug 14, 2001
Last minuteAP, Sep 17, 2001
Kyoto says no to nuclear powerBen Pearson
Plants getting stressed outReuters, Jun 13, 2001
(Zonder titel: Research on the incidence of cancer...)ABC, Jun 28, 2001
(Zonder titel: On Jun. 26, a French criminal court...)WISE Jul 17, 2001
(Zonder titel: According to one-time Soviet Navy...)Pravde, Jul 4, 2001
(Zonder titel: Reactors at the Chapelcross nuclear...)Sunday Herald, Jul 15, 2001
What the industry really fearsThe Columbus Dispatch, Jun 10, 2001
Nosey mice: it does have a 'smell'Yomiuri Shimbun, Jun 8, 2001
"They threw the badges into a bucket, and when the bucket was full, they...)The Independent, Jun 14/ New Scientist, Jun 18, 2001/ ...
Waste still near housesThe Advertiser, Jul 19, 2001
All of Adelaide was at riskNuclear Information Centre, Jul 2001
(Zonder titel: British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL) has...)The Independent, Jul 15, 2001
(Zonder titel: For 30 years, no one at the Monticello...)WISE, Jul 17,2001
(Zonder titel: India and Russia have finally agreed to...)AFP, Jul 25, 2001
(Zonder titel: Ukrainian police have arrested two local...)Reuters, Jul 29, 2001
Disabled used as guinea pigsSapa-AFP, Jun 11/ ABC, Jun 12, 2001
Maralinga/Monte Bello: The even ugly side
Body parts taken from dead childrenDaily Telegraph, Jun 27, 2001
Russia goes for garbageLas Vegas Sun/BBC News Jun 6/AP Jul 12/Reuters Jul 13, 2001
Shock! Horror! Politics played a roleLas Vegas Sun 20, 2001
Safe drinking water not beneficial to health, says industryLos Angeles Times Jun 7, 2001
Tour builds linksAAP/ABC Jul 7, 2001
(Zonder titel: On Jun. 12, protesters lay across rail...)Reuters Jun 12/Ananova Jul 31, 2001
(Zonder titel: The Canadian government is to...)Canoe Ltd Partnership Jun 19, 2001
(Zonder titel: The Britisch-flagged freighter Pacific...)Citizens Nuclear Info Centre Jun 21, 2001
(Zonder titel: A study commissioned by the German...)WISE Jun 1, 2001
(Zonder titel: Leaked documents reveal that BNFL,...)The Telegraph (UK) Jun 26, 2001
Sloppy? Too kind!Tri-City Herald Jul 25, 2001
'US and them' culture at UK agencyThe Guardian jul 23, 2001
In a waste dump, yes a house?The Sunday Times (UK) Jul 10, 2001
Now it's a sales boycottWISE Jun 15 17, 2001
(Zonder titel: A 49-year old worker at the Karlsruhe...)The independent Jul 18/Pravda Jul 17, 2001
(Zonder titel: On May 20, local residents living near...)WISE Jun 1, 2001
(Zonder titel: Siemens says it will no longer maintain...)Frankfurter Allgemaine Zeitung Aug 20, 2001
(Zonder titel: The Central American Parliament (CAP)...)EFE via COMTEX Jul 20, 2001
(Zonder titel: In a major embarrassment and a ...)Business Day 1st Edition Aug 10, 2001
It depends on your make-upIrish Times Aug 7, 2001/ Radiation Research/Int.Journal of..
No more Mr Nice GuyElectronics Times Jul 3, 2001
The price for bucking the official lineNulear Resister Jul 1, 2001/Socio-Ecological Union for...
The kids are losing interestCincinnati Enquirer Jun 16/New York Times Jul 7, 2001
The usual violationsTopeka Capital-Journal Jun 14, 2001
(Zonder titel: German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder...)BBC News Jun 12/AP Jul 27, 2001
(Zonder titel: Russian scientists have found a bug in...)WISE Jul 17, 2001
(Zonde titel: The US Air Force says a 3.5 tonne nuclear...)AP Jul 11, 2001
(Zonder titel: After days of extreme heat produced...)Hartford Courant August 15, 2001
(Zonder titel: According to a new poll by the non-...)AP Jul, 2001
The old we'll-just-do-another-study routineSalt Lake Tribure Aug 29, 2001
"This is for Brett. We won't be around forever to care for him"Denver Post/Las Vegas Sun Jun 29, 2001
(Zonder titel: Researchers from the Krasnoyarsk...)WISE Jun 29, 2001
(Zonder titel: Pakistan, which has been allegedly...)Indian Express Aug 21, 2001
(Zonder titel: The US Air Force base at Thule in...)The Independent Aug 13, 2001
Spending millions to avoid making a decisionUS News Business & Technology Jun 8, 2001
Money mattersNews-Sentinel aug 22, 2001
(Zonder titel: Between 1974 and 1998, industrial...)MSNBC Jun 20/TMI Alert Aug 2001
(Zonder titel: Bulgaria is to renovate two reactors at...)Xinhua News Agency Jun 12, 2001
(Zonder titel: Although the nuclear industry has come ...)Seattle Times Jun 15, 2001
(Zonder titel: A US Senate committee has approved...)Albuquerque Journal Jun 22, 2001
(Zonder titel: The operator of the Salem and Hope...)ABC (US) Jul 6, 2001
(Zonder titel: The US Senate has approved $US6.5 ...)AP Jul 10, 2001
(Zonder titel: If a high-level nuclear waste dump is...)Las Vegas Sun Jul 18, 2001
(Zonder titel: Cost estimates for a proposed plutonium-...)Augusta Chronicle Aug 10, 2001
(Zonder titel: The US and other industrialised nations...)WISE Jun 29, 2001
(Zonder titel: The US Department of Energy estimates...)News-Sentinel Aug 22, 2001
Fishy smellMainichi Shimbun Jun 24, 2001
Trees used to suck up radiationAP Sep 13, 2001
(Zonder titel: On Jul. 31, a US Department of labor...)Knoxville News-Sentinel Aug 7/Oak Ridger Aug 16, 2001
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