Adder: Third Opinion, December 2001

City: Sydney, Australie
Date: 1 December 2001
Description: Australia's independent Energy Journal
The atomic body snatchters
The food zappers are back
Depleted uranium used in Aust. n-tests
In October, WMC announced a 20 percent expansion
On Nov. 11, WMC dismantled
The Beverley uranium mine in SA
Some cleanup: just leave it there
Time to learn from the black mist
If we don't like it, we'll ignore it.
A Clayton's victory: Jabiluka on indefinite hold
No threat now, but can't be sure of the future
Were the Mirarr snubbed?
Tenderers spill
Australia hook, line and sinkered
(Zonder titel: contract PBMR-brandstoffabriek)
(Zonder titel: versnelling procedure nieuwe PBMR's?)
(Zonder titel: gehalte strontium in kindertandjes Florida
(Zonder titel: schuld aan ongluk Tokaimura)
(Zonder titel: 85% tegen MOX-verbranding)
Texas says no to low-level dump
Should have gone straight to the sea
If you don't apply we'll do it anyway
The US government secretly hired
Indian police have seized 25 kilos of uranium
Bulgarian authorities
Despite lingering fears regarding the plant's safety
On the other side: former ANSTO employees speak out
The rush job: ANSTO fears any delay may blow the cover
The cheaper option
Unproven fuel forces reactor redesign
Council not told of accident
Rally told alternatives suppressed
Don't count on the ALP
Who gets the garbage, we wonder?
We're doing this for our kids
(Zonder titel: uraniumverrijking ten koste van Dr. Abdul Quadeer Khan
(Zonder titel: tijdelijke sluiting van de Temelin-reactor
(Zonder titel: bezwaar tegen onafhankelijk onderzoek)
(Zonder titel: vertraging in lichting Koersk)
(Zonder titel: meer kanker bij Comanche Peak reactor in Texas)
Don't hold your breath
N-waste ends up at scrap metal yard
OnOct. 9, villagers from the Chelyabinsk
Tricky times for ERA, WMC
Rio Tinto considers ERA's future
WHC rejects in danger listing
Our best ever
Did Media Watch take sides?Green, Jim
SA bans medium to high-level dump
Getting heard's the issue
Ten times mor
Part of a continuum
(Zonder titel: verhoogde kans op kanker bij kernreactor Oldbury)
(Zonder titel: blootstelling door diefstal van lood)
(Zonder titel: steeds meer smokkel van radioactief materiaal)
We were testing the clothing, not the people!
Workers at the Dounreay nuclear plant in Scotland
Lithuania's Ignalina 1 nuclear power reactor
The deputy director
On Oct. 4, the Swiss parlaiment
Now they tell us
The Bottomless pit
Engineer says he was ignored
Out of space
More doubts on the mountain
See, it isn't solved
Just one privilege left: the privilege to die
Wheat still mutating
Just as risky for babies born now
Storms shut reactors
Crumbling infrastructure could mean more close shaves
(Zonder titel: veiligheid Franse reactoren)
(Zonder titel: slechte naam Canadese reaktoren)
(Zonder titel: kosten-overschrijding BNFL)
(Zonder titel: wat gaat er met de MOX gebeuren?)
Not what I intended
Errors everywhere
Weak metal
Derailment danger
The US Department of Energy (DOE)
On Sep. 6 the Mayor and City Council of Las Vegas
The influential Japanese Federation
Usual mess, no money (or idea) how to clean it up
Untried hybrid tests relations
The price of being big: £400,000 a day
Forward to the past
One fault in a circuit breaker
The compensation is just plain lousy
The Himalayas in our way? Simple, just nuke them.
Out by a factor of ten
Sunbathing gets solitary
US and Russian nuclear watchdog groups
The folly of assumption
Plans to extend operating licences
More money down the drain
A return to the Reagan years?
The US Department of Energy has let a five-year,
The US Congress has agreed to provide
On Oct. 9, the UK Atomic Energy Authority
On Oct. 8, Slovakia's Deputy Prime Minister for Economy
The Clinton administration
The US Department of Energy (DOE)
New nuclear power plants are unlikely to be built
A draft US federal report on what to be do with
Meanwhile DOE says it'll extend Fluor's contract
On Nov. 11, the head of russia's nuclear safety watchdog
Nukes 13 vs renewables 1
(Zonder titel: BNFL veroordeeld)
(Zonder titel: aktie tegen opslag kernwapens bij Brussel)
(Zonder titel: poging tot verkoop delen van kerncentrale)
(Zonder titel: kernwapenindustrie niet aansprakelijk bij Dimona)
(Zonder titel: ozonlaag aantasting door verrijkingsfabriek VS)
The revolving door
Researchers from the university of Parma in Italy
On Sep. 4, a wandering squirrel
CT scans can be dangerous
Nuclear succumbs to the market
So safe it needs a law limiting liability
(Zonder titel: ongeluk in Taiwanese reactoren)
(Zonder titel: ontwikkeling van kleinere kernwapens?)
(Zonder titel: wettelijke aansprakelijkheid probleem voor BNFL)
(Zonder titel: heropening ondanks onbetrouwbare MER)
(Zonder titel: geen geld gereserveerd voor de verplaatsing van afval)
(Zonder titel: niet genoeg verzekerd)
(Zonder titel: Westen moet bijdragen aan omvorming kernwapens)
(Zonder titel: niet genoeg in kas voor compensatie Bilini eilanders)
(Zonder titel: annulering 2 van de 16 nieuwe Chinese reactoren?)
(Zonder titel: electromagnetische straling niet door hoogspanningsmasten)
(Zonder titel: plannen voor keten van nieuwe centrales)
Downer hopelessly wrong again
Leaving their nuclear posts in droves
(Zonder titel: niet genoeg geld voor HEU in Hanford)
The perpetual project
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