Adder: Third Opinion, January 2003

City: Sydney, Australie
Date: 1 January 2003
Description: Australia's independent Energy Journal
Nuclear power has lost its oldest and...The Independent Oct 27, 2002
The US, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Britain, ...Japan Times Sep, 2002
Stop pressJames Cusick; Felecity Arbunhnot; Sunday Herald Dec.22, 2002
Leak as much as you likeThe World Today ABC Sep 12/ABC Oct, 2002
Put it in writingABC Dec 5/AAP Sep 6,2002
Massive expansion announces without feasibility studyThe Australian Oct 20, 2002
Rally focuses on health safetyABC Sep 22, 2002
So vulnerable it should be closedThe Australian; Greenpeace; Sun Herald Oct 2002
ARPANSA gives final go-aheadThe Australian/ ap Oct 22 / The Gardian Sep 13,2002
If there's a quid in it...In 2001, ...BBC, Sep, 2002
In Sep. 23, more than 1500 dead fish...Asbury Park Press Sep 25, 2002
More than 1100 anti-nuclear protesters...AAP Oct 6, 2002
spain's economics minister announced...WISE-NIRS Oct 18, 2002
People used to smuggle a couple of...Pravda Oct 8, 2002
An emergency drill at the Oak Ridge Y-...Oak Ridger Sep 26, 2002
Don't send them the wasteSydney Morning Herald Nov 2/ ABC AM Sep 7/ ABC Nov 30, 2002
Could think of a few names...Sydney Morning Herald Nov 28, 2002
How long can they keep this up?AP Sep 9/Daily Mail/The Independent Sep6/ BBC Sep 26,Oct 2..
One option: allow BE to failThe Gardian Sep 13,15/ The Independent Sep 29,2002
And this is what the industry is banking on?Cape Times Nov 15, 2002
Scientists in India say the country could...Christian Science Monitor Oct 11, 2002
An employee of the St. Lucie Nuclear...Channel WPBF Oxt 22, 2002
Organisers estimate 10,000 people from...AP Oct 21, 2002
Residents keep vigilNewClear News Sep 2002
Food labelling: Anything but "irradiated"Canadian Broadcasting Company Oct 11, 2002
85,000 baby teeth to be tested for Sep 13, 2002
Believe it or not: Dit a UFO ease the crisis?Translated by Dmitry Sudakov; Pravda Sep 16, 2002
Britain's framers still counting the cost
Several pople have been charged with selling radioactive uranium rods from...Pravde Sept 28, 2002
canada's abandoned u-mines: Now for the big clean-upCanadian Press Sep 26/Globe and Mail Sep 25/SES Newsletter..
On Sep. 27, Thailand's administrative ...Bangkok Post Sep 28,2002
Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and...Nuke Info Tokyo Sep-Oct 2002
Russia's Federal Security Service has...AP Nov 22, 2002
More than a hundred anti-nuclear ...Taipei Times Sep 22, 2002
He knew 14 years agoNew York Times Sep 30/WISE-NIRS Oct 18/AP Oct 7, 2002
The watchdog just isn't watchingReuters Oct 21, 2002
The original targets were two reactors
He's just making this up, is GeorgeWashington Times Sep 27/The Guardan Oct 10,11, 2002
A pair of computers recently discovered...Brattleboro Reformer Nov 11, 2002
In November, 21 workers were...The Guardian/daily Record Nov 13, 2002
A Russian scientific expedition has...Sapa-AP Nov 15, 2002
A survey conducted for the French...AFP Nov 18, 2002
Journalist tests security by smuggling uraniumFOXNews Sep 6, 2002
Firefighters, rescue workers say keep warning signsSeattle Post-Intelligence Nov 23, 2002
Just in case stock exchange
If there were an attack on a nuclear power plant..Most gards would run like hellNew York Times Oct 20/POGO Sep 9, 2002
Strategic admission: if you're thinking of coming after us, think twice, ...CNN, 17 October/ Los Angeles Times Oct 19, 2002
Plenty more where this came fromBelfast Telegraph Sep 17/ The Independent 18, 2002
Far too risky, says Wall Street JournalAugusta Chronicle Oct 3, 2002
Removing one of the last barriersWISE-NIRS Oct 4, 2002
Modern security: Alle terribly politeGuardian/AP Oct, 2002
British nuclear tests: Pretty damming evidenceBBC Pct 6, 2002
Mass rallies against an attack on Iraq
Pangea resurfaces as AriusRadio australia Sep 5/ABC News Sep 6/The Australian Sep 2002
Feds in big PR spend upThe Advertiser Oxt 23, 2002
WA council pushes dumpABC Oct 7, 2002
Rolls-Royce says it'll stop...WISE-NIRS Oxt 18, 2002
Despite warnings from the ...Irish Independent Sep 11, 2002
Low-grade radioactive ...Denver Post Nov 1, 2002
Accidents will happenIdaho Statesman Sep 10, 2002
Russia must first handle its own wasteAP Sep 25, 2002
In Russia's footstepsThe Guardian Nov 21, 2002
Celebs join campaignLA Daily News Sep 26, 2002
Thousands block huge German shipmentABC Nov 10/WISE-NIRS Nov 22, 2002
Not surprised at allLas Vegas Review-Journal Nov 28, 2002
I won't crawl away and die like a poisoned ratGeoff Pulham; Archant (Norfolk) Oct 29, 2002
Finger points to DUReuters health Sep 10/The Gardian Aug 11, 2002
Take care of the ones we had there before we send moreVoice of America Nov 11, 2002
The bizarre side of testingBBC Sep 13, 2002
Is there a link between a number of high-profile crimes and service in the Gulf-Sarah Edmonds Reuters Nov 15, 2002
Nuclear power in France: This is supposed to be the modelWISE-NIRS Nov 8, 2002
Norwegian billionaire Petter Stordalen, ...Whitehaven News Nov30, 2002
A security guard at the Portsmouth...Columbus Dispatch Nov 20, 2002
Green groups are vowing to fight Israeli...Haaretz Daily Nov 27, 2002
When do these people get off (the public tit)?WISE-NIRS Oct 18, 2002
A US federal audit says...Idaho Statesman Oct 16, 2002
State-owned British Nuclear...Daily Mirror Oct 29, 2002
From 1943 to 1999, the US...Cornell Daily Sun Oct 22, 2002
The US Department of Energy's...Greenpeace Nov 2, 2002
The British nuclear submarine...The Scotsman nov 19, 2002
The Tennessee Valley Authority...Ux Weekly Nov, 2002
The cost of ousting Saddam...Sun National Nov 24, 2002
Thirty years of the same old garbage...Financial Times Nov 10/Canadian Press Oct 30/Halifax Herald.
The number of Iraqo children suffering...Pravda Oct 1, 2002
Turkish police have confiscated 15 kilos...NewsMax Sep 28, 2002
The world's first floating nuclear power...Pravda Oct 10, 2002
A nuclear-powered submarine, undergoing...Bellona foundation Oct 23, 2002
A whole lot of maybes: Tony Blair's so-called Iraq dossier doesn't prove a thingNew Zealand Herald/AAP Sep 26, 2002
Got some testing to do?Pravda Oct 9, 2002
Big Swiss vote aainst waste dumpWISE-NIRS Oct 4, 2002
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