Adder: Third Opinion, June 2003

City: Sydney, Australie
Date: 1 June 2003
Description: Australia's independent Energy Journal
Calder Hall, the world's first industrial-scale nuclear power station
In 2002, seven new reactors were connected to their grids
On Mar. 26, officials at the Seabrook nuclear power plant
On Apr. 10, there was a serious incident
Trad owners want new contract
If a housebuilder did this, the owners would sack them
Waste stays put as terrorism forces a rethink
Thieves plundered a desolate ocean beacon
The governments of Japan and Russia have agreed
On May 29, the US department of Agriculture lifted its ban
The Riso National Laboratory in Denmark
Three months were lost when two ancient geological faults
Firefighters say accident plan "breathtakingly inept"
Not so sure they want it back
Waste must be dug up and remelted
Some picnic
Is this much tragedy in one family normal?
Floating 'Chernobyl' on our doorstep?
They just don't get it
Two security guards at the Oyster creek
The US House of Reps has passed a bill
A US licensing board has blocked an application by agroup
Back after a long decline?
How do you look the wannabes in the face?
The states promise plenty of argy-bargy
Small wins for space industry and Defence
"when I was a young girl we saw the bomb explode. That was enough. We don't want
The waste pile Australia
SA unions ban construction
Every fragment matters
No time to test soldiers before the war
Clear evidence: children are at risk
Overdosing kids on CT scans
Tokyo does without its nukes and survives
The best time to attack is just after a failed PR exercise
I survived because I drank a lot of vodkaSimunovich, Peter
A disaster just waiting to happen
People just prefer to keep quiet and workWalsh, Nick Paton
Sex-mad worms adapt to radiation
Let's not be hasty: if it ain't broke
Alcoholics are good for reactors
We were told it was going to be paradise, but now they are killing our children
Depleted uranium was used in Gulf War II
Looters trash seven nuclear plants
The mess in MesopotamiaPyne, Solana
Royal Society to Pentagon: we are not amused
Arizona has placed a contingent of its National Guard
Nice timing this one. Russia's Atomstroyexport is planning
Not right now
The coincidence you don't plan for
The Lithuanian government plans to design
The estimate cost to restart the six Bruce A
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) says its nuclear
Meanwhile, TVA plans to spend $US2.1 billion to open
A Connecticut money manager, Paul Tudor Jones, says
The more you lose, the bigger the executive payout
The economics of farce: using taxpayer money to subsidise taxpayer power bills
The US government has paid out $US542 million so far
Police in Kyrgyzstan arrested two men trying to sell
On Mar. 30, Japan shut down its 148 MW Fugen prototype nuclear reactor
Was the invasion a vast experiment?
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