Diplomatic standoffs overshadow good progress on IAEA safeguards

Date 1 March 2005
Page number6
MagazineTrust & Verify, London, UK
Year 0
Number of pages 1
Tags: HIGH ENRICHED URANIUM - fuel test reactors and also suitable for K-weapons
IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency Vienna
IRAN - country in Middle East
LIBIE - country in Africa
NIGER - country in Africa
NORTH KOREA - Country in Asia (DPRK: Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea)
RESEARCH INSTITUTEN - In the broad sense of the word
PAKISTAN - country in Asia
PROLIFERATION - proliferation of nuclear technology / material / knowledge
SAFEGUARDS - Check new treaty IAEA against military use civilian nucl.mat
URANIUM RESOURCES & PRICE - well production rates; no mining and environmental impacts

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