Adder: World Nuclear Association Newsletter, July 2005

City: London (UK)
Date: 1 July 2005
India-USA accord on nuclear power
Australian debate on nuclear powerAustralian 27/5 & 2-4, 10, 13/6/05; AFR 19/4/05, Age 20/4/05
US reactor sale and licence extensionPlatts 1/7/05, Nucleonics Week 7/7/05,Nuclear Energy Overv..
Congress passes Energy Policy ActTrade Tech NMR 31/7/05, Nucleonics Week 30/6 & 28/7/05, N...
Nuclear generation costs fallNucleonics Week 7/7/05
Nuclear task force reportsTrade Tech NMR 3/6/05, Nuclear Energy Overview 23/5/05
Energy bills incorporate reprocessing provisionNucleonics Week 23/6/05, NEI Nuclear Energy Overview 20/6/05
First US weapons plutonium makes electricityNuclear Eng. International 15/6/05
Public support for nuclear growsNucNet News # 100/05
France to host ITER fusion reactorNucNet news #107/05, Nuclear Engineering International 28/6/
Dutch reversal on nuclear policyNucleonics Week 30/6/05
German conservative parties set out nuclear policyNuclear Engineering International 13/7/05
Swedish reactor shuts downNucleonics Week 2/6/05
French deal gives Italy nuclear powerNucleonics Week 2/6/05
UK radioactive committee decaysTimes 3/6/05
Cogema begins reprocessing research reactor fuelPlatts 9/6/05
Russia confirms floating nuclear plantTimes 30/7/05, Nucleonics Week 28/7/05
New Japanese reactor in operationAtoms in Japan 4/7/05
Mitsubishi to bid for WestinghouseAFR 12/7/05, Nucleonics Week 14/7/05
Japan's Supreme Court affirms MonjuAtoms in Japan 3/5/05
Japan to push LWR developmentUx Weekly 13/6/05, Atoms in Japan 15/6/05 & 19/7/05
New Indian reator on lineNuclonics Week 9/6/05
South Africa to protect uraniumUx Weekly, 13/6/05
China safety authority to boost capacityNucleonics Week 16/6/05
South Korean nuclear resolveAsia Pulse 27/6/05, Power in Asia 21/7/05
New Brunswick to refurbish powerplantNB govt 29/7/05
Canadian uranium production up slightlyCameco, CRI
Spent fuel plans recycledNWMO 24/5/05
BHP Billiton wins control of Olympic DamBHP 3 & 17/6/05, WMCR 6/6/05
Australian uranium production edges upERA 22/7/05, WMCR, Heathgate
Southern Cross to merge with afleaseSXR 5/7/05
Sites announced for radioactive wastesDEST media release 15/7/05
World nuclear output up in 2004IAEA
Ethical funds remove uranium screenBT 30/6/05
Westinghouse coopts Chinese expertiseUx Weekly 11/7/05, Nuclonics Week 14/7/05
Hopes for multilateral design approvalPlatts 14/6/05
Silex uranium enrichment successSilex 19/5/05
European CO2 emission price heads north
Asia-Pacific climate initiativeFT 29/7/05, Economist 30/7/05
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