Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, October 2001

City: London, UK
Full scale commercial production of mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel 3 Oct
The proposed reauthorisation of the Price Anderson Act 3 Oct
The time is right for Italy to review its nuclear energy options 3 Oct
Production at the country's uranium mines 3 Oct
USEC Inc has been taking steps to move forward 3 Oct
Research and development of laser uranium enrichment technology 3 Oct
Russia has completed the assembly of the first VVER-1000 reactor 3 Oct
The town of Miyama, Mie Prefectue, will hold a referendum 3 Oct
Operation of Armenia's sole nuclear power plant 3 Oct
Bruce Power has been granted permission 3 Oct
The Khmelnitski-2 and Rovno-4 nuclear power plants 3 Oct
Korean Hydro & Nuclear Power Co Ltd (KHNP) 3 Oct
EnWB has voluntarily shut down the 1400 MWe Phillippsburg-2 3 Oct
A proposed subsequent arrangement for the return of mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel 3 Oct
Approval for the proposed construction 3 Oct
The seperation of minor actinides and fission products 3 Oct
An application to build an underground test gallery 3 Oct
An additional year of bedrock testing at Olkiluoto 3 Oct
A record number of Americans are in favour of the use of nuclear energy10 Oct
A call for the revival of nuclear power10 Oct
The Olympic Dam project produced 1409 tonnes U30810 Oct
Uranium production at Anglogold's gold by product project10 Oct
New nuclear plant designs promise to overcome10 Oct
Russia possesses 35 designs promise to overcome10 Oct
Plans to develop the legislation necessary to phase out10 Oct
Qinshan-2 has reportedly entered operational testing10 Oct
A new world record for the refuelling of a boiling water reactor10 Oct
The revival of a three-year-old legal action10 Oct
Japan's three largest nuclear power plant manufacturers10 Oct
Plans to dismantle Tokai-110 Oct
The long term, market price based agreement that USEC10 Oct
Russia's Ministry of Atomic Energy (MINATOM) has denied reports10 Oct
British Nuclear Fuel plc (BNFL) expects10 Oct
A shortlist of companies qualified to bid10 Oct
A shortage of safety inspectors could disrupt decommissioning programmes10 Oct
British Energy (BE) is working with Canada's Atomic Energy Corporation (AECL)17 Oct
The European Commission should justify its insistence on the closure17 Oct
Construction of Beloyarsk 4 an 800 MWe fast reactor17 Oct
A fire at Western Mining Corp's (WMC's) Olympic Dam17 Oct
Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) reported uranium production17 Oct
Dominion estimates it would have to spend17 Oct
The final phase of a 10 year programma to modernise17 Oct
The decision by the four investment partners17 Oct
A 'potential terrorist threat' directed at Three Mile Island17 Oct
Atlantic City Electric Co - a subsidiary of Conectiv17 Oct
Requests for generating capacity increases17 Oct
Energoatom plans to extend the operational life span17 Oct
Entombment may be a viable option for decommissioning17 Oct
Andra - the radioactive waste managment agency17 Oct
BNFL Inc is reportedly seeking buyers for its cask technology17 Oct
Slovenia has joined the Paris convention on third liability17 Oct
British Nuclear Fuels plc (BNFL) is reportedly stepping up pressure17 Oct
Electrabel of Belgium has withdrawn its bid17 Oct
A new joint working relationship has been launched17 Oct
RWE Nukem a subsidiary of Germany's RWE Solutions17 Oct
Correction to NB01.42-9:17 Oct
UEX Corp - a new uranium exploration company24 Oct
Constellation nuclear's acquisition of Nine Mile Point-1 and -224 Oct
Asco-1 and -2 have been granted 10-year extenstions24 Oct
A new review of the energy situation in the country24 Oct
A review of quality management procedures24 Oct
Electricite de France (EDF) has started a major maintenance outage24 Oct
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has devalued its balance sheet assets24 Oct
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has concurred24 Oct
Partitioning and transmutation (P&T) of actinides24 Oct
The UK's radioactive waste policy will be considered24 Oct
New contract terms have reportedly been agreed24 Oct
Depleted uranium (DU) could be used as a strenghtening ingredient24 Oct
The Bush administration hopes to develop an insurance coverage plan24 Oct
The Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) has pledged US$1.2 million24 Oct
The ruthlessness of the terrorist attacks in the US30 Oct
A temporary ban on private aircraft flying30 Oct
The house of representatives energy and commerce committee30 Oct
A consortium of utilities and other business partners30 Oct
The operation licences for Cameco Corp's30 Oct
A proposed joint venture between Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan30 Oct
An agreement to assess the feasibility of Candu reactor technology30 Oct
Approval for the restar of Ontario Power Generation's30 Oct
A new world record for the continuous operation30 Oct
The operating licence for the 408 MWe Bohunice-230 Oct
The governor of Fukui prefecture30 Oct
The unused mixed oxide (MOX) fuel fabrication facility at Hanau30 Oct
A report from the department of energy (DOE)30 Oct
The unauthorised publication of parts of a study30 Oct
The go ahead for in depth studies at three potential sites30 Oct
Congress has set 28 february 2002 as the deadline30 Oct
Commercial operation of the third furnace for radioactive waste30 Oct
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