Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, November 2001

City: London, UK
Approval of the US$215 million loan to Energoatom of Ukraine 7 Nov
The chernobyl accident in 1986 resulted in about 2000 cases of thyroid cancer 7 Nov
KazAtomProm has reportedly started developing 7 Nov
Russia's Ministry of Atomic Energy (Minatom) has requested 7 Nov
The Australian Liberal/National coalition government 7 Nov
Authorisation to resume uranium operations at Lagoa Real mine 7 Nov
A new pricing amendment to the Russian highly enriched uranium 7 Nov
Vatenfall has awarded Framatome ANP a fuel reload contract 7 Nov
Russia and India have signed a final memorandum 7 Nov
Electricite de France (EDF) will reportedly submit a proposal 7 Nov
France's socialist-led government has been requested to clarify 7 Nov
Nuclear Managment Co's (MNC's) request to increase 7 Nov
Constellation Energy Group has completed its acquisition 7 Nov
Either one or both of the reactors at the closed Zion 7 Nov
Russia's nuclear power plants are forecast to generate 7 Nov
Russia will create a seperate electric utility by the spring of 2002 7 Nov
Hitachi Ltd of Japan has formally agreed 7 Nov
The method selected by the Department of Energy (DOE) 7 Nov
Workers at British Energy (BE) 7 Nov
Police arrested two men who attempted to sell 7 Nov
The European parliament has approved a resolution14 Nov
Ontario power generation (OPG) expects14 Nov
Russia plans to build 10 new nuclear power reactors14 Nov
The US energy information administration (EIA)14 Nov
The European Parlement has approved a four year nuclear research14 Nov
Uranium exploration on the Moore lake properties14 Nov
Paladin resources has farmed out14 Nov
The government has renewed an agreement14 Nov
The third line of the Lanzhou centrifuge enrichment plant14 Nov
President Bush has signed into law14 Nov
In a referendum on wheter the town Miyama14 Nov
Chubu Electric Power Co shut down Hamaoke-114 Nov
Conama the Brazilian environmental council has opproved14 Nov
The threat of strike action at British Energy's14 Nov
The UK government's decision to allow the start up14 Nov
The department of energy (DOE) has issued its final14 Nov
British Energy (BE) and British Nuclear Fuels plc (BNFL)14 Nov
The possible acquisition of Western Mining Corp (WMC) by Alcoa14 Nov
Southern Cross Resources Inc has received approval21 Nov
Closing the country's 58 nuclear power reactors21 Nov
Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd (AECL) expects to have its new generation21 Nov
US uranium production during the third quarter of 200121 Nov
WMC Ltd - owner and operator of the Olympic Dam21 Nov
Cameco, COGEMA and RWE NUKEM21 Nov
The department of Commerce (DOC)21 Nov
Metsamor-2 - the country's solo nuclear power reator21 Nov
Rosenergoatom will build a new nuclear reactor21 Nov
Exelon generation Co.has applied for amendments21 Nov
A team of experts has reviewed safety issues21 Nov
Detailed plans for extending the operating lifetime of the Paks21 Nov
The government approved an agreement21 Nov
Defence at Cogema's La Hague reproccessing plant21 Nov
A nationwide review of light water reactor (LWR)21 Nov
A floating complex for reprocessing liquid radioactive waste21 Nov
E.On of Germany - Europe's biggest energy group21 Nov
A Liabilities Management Authority (LMA) will be established28 Nov
Upgrading nuclear security has to be one of the world's urgent priorities28 Nov
Calls from the Irish government to impose provisional measures28 Nov
Ukraine will now rely on Russian assistance to finish construction28 Nov
The US House of Representatives voted in favour of renewing28 Nov
Southern Cross Resources has been granted a mining licence28 Nov
Austria and the Czech Republic have concluded a year long dipute28 Nov
North Korea has given the go-ahead for an inspection28 Nov
The state of Rio de Janeiro will formally back construction28 Nov
An operation Safety Review Team will sent to Philippsburg-228 Nov
Cernavoda-1 has supplied some 25 TWh28 Nov
Vattenfall will go ahead with a SKr1.5 billion28 Nov
Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant might not get a decommissioning licence28 Nov
Over amibitious targets for greenhouse gas emissions cuts28 Nov
Russia needs to construct a new spent fuel storage facility28 Nov
Vattenfall has agreed to buy a 44.8% stake in German utility Bewag28 Nov
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