Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, February 2004

City: London, UK
The Department of Energy (DOE) has made a US$24.3 billion budget 4 Feb
The US nuclear energy industry recorded strong generation totals 4 Feb
The pursuit of a single repository site for all the country's radioactive waste 4 Feb
USEC Inc reported net income of US%10.7 million for the year 4 Feb
There would be no significant environmental impact from the operation 4 Feb
Southern California Edison (SCE) has abandoned its plan to ship 4 Feb
Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) has restarted its 1360 MWe 4 Feb
Pakistan and China could sign a deal for a second 300 MWe reactor 4 Feb
Proposed modifications designed to pave the way for the restart 4 Feb
Germany's nuclear power reactors generated 165.1 TWh of electricity in 2003 4 Feb
The Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) has been criticised 4 Feb
Ministers from the partners in the US$5 billion 4 Feb
Construction of the mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel facility at the Savannah River 4 Feb
The Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy has announced 4 Feb
A report by the Alberta Chamber Resources11 Feb
Long-awaited Protocols to amend the Paris Convention11 Feb
Russia's Tenex in partnership with German RWE Nukem11 Feb
Site works have begun for TVO Olkiluoto-3 reactor11 Feb
Minatom has announced an agreement with BNFL11 Feb
A new Energy Bill has been introduced into the Senate11 Feb
The Nuclear safety Agency has given approval for Kansai11 Feb
World nuclear power generation in 2003 was about 2597 TWh11 Feb
South Africa's PMBR is reported to11 Feb
Iran has declared that it wishes to enrich uranium to provide11 Feb
Denison Energy has released its 2003 results11 Feb
The Dukovany and Temelin nuclear power plants11 Feb
A senior Pakistani scientist Dr Abdul Q.Khan has admitted11 Feb
The Barseback-2 nuclear power reactor was shut down on 1 February11 Feb
The German Atomic Forum has critised the government's plans18 Feb
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has rejected Utah's moves to block18 Feb
Florida Power & Light is planning to seek a 7% uprate fot its18 Feb
FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Co has applied to the NRC for permission o restart18 Feb
Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) has increased its estimate of the cost18 Feb
Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) has applied to Aomori Prefecture18 Feb
The government's auditing watchdog - the National Audit Office - has called18 Feb
The Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation has appointed18 Feb
Major refurbishment of early reactors is well advanced18 Feb
The nuclear regulation authority ASN has released a report of a radiation18 Feb
Ontario Power Generation has halted design and engineering work18 Feb
Areva has announced increased sales revenues for its energy division18 Feb
WMC Resources has reported a profit after a tax of A$ 245.6 million for 200318 Feb
Heathgate Resources has reported 2003 production of 608 tU from its Beverly18 Feb
Southern Cross Resources Inc (SXR) of Toronto has restructured18 Feb
US: Cameco Corp of Canada has agreed to purchase a 25.2% interest...25 FebCameco, 1 March
The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) ...25 FebNuclear Engineering International, Feb, p2; NucNet News, ...
Taiwan's three nuclear power plants generated a total of 37.4 TWh ...25 FebNucNet News, 45/04, 25 February
Canada: High grade uranium values (1.5%-28.2%) have been discovered...25 FebFreshFUEL, 1 March, p5
Kyrgyzstan: RWE Nukem GmbH of Germany has signed an agreement...25 FebNuclear Market Review, 29 February, p3; Ux Weekly,1 March,p3
US: A licence allowing USEC Inc to construct and operate ...25 FebNuclear Energy Overview, 1 March, p7; Ux Weekly, 1 March, p2
Finland: Westinghouse Sweden has been awarded a contract...25 FebUx Weekly, 1 March, p5
US: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) will require annual assessments...25 FebNuclear Market Review, 29 February, p3; Nuclear Energy Ov...
US:South Carolina Electric & Gas Co's (SCG&E's) V C Summer nuclear power plant..25 FebSpentFUEL, 1 March, p5; Ux Weekly 1 March, p4
Canada: The Bruce A-3 nuclear power reactor has returned to service25 FebBruce Power, 26 February
Japan: The government is reportedly expected to announce a reduction ...25 FebFreshFUEL, 1 March, p4
Estonia does not need nuclear power, according to a study ...25 FebNucleonics Week, 26 February, p9
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) does not have jurisdiction ...25 FebSpentJUEL, 1 March, p2; Nuclear Fuel, 1 March, p5
The US Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit upheld ...25 FebNucleonics Week, 26, February, p6; Nuclear Energy Overview..
Hungary: A site at Bataapati in the Uveghuta region has been accepted...25 FebPlatts Nuclear News Jlash, 1 March
Czech Republic: Preliminary exploration at six sites that were identified...25 FebNuclear Fuel, 1 March, p4
Russia: Techsnabexport (Tenex) and the three western companies25 FebNuclear Fuel, 1 March, p1; Ux Weekly, 1 March, p3
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