Kyrgyzstan: RWE Nukem GmbH of Germany has signed an agreement...

AuthorNuclear Market Review, 29 February, p3; Ux Weekly,1 March,p3
Date25 February 2004
Page number5
MagazineWorld Nuclear Association News Briefing, London, UK
Year 0
Number of pages 1
FUEL FABRICATION - Also deliveries to power plants
RE-USE / RECYCLE - Rad. material as waste, highly enriched uranium, etc
KYRGYZSTAN - country (part of Soviet Union till 1-9-1991)
UZBEKISTAN - country (part of Soviet Union till 1-9-1991)
RADIOACTIVE SCRAP METAL - contaminated metal, finds and (discussion) reuse
RWE NUKEM - nuclear company (UK); in particular dismantling
COOPERATION - between companies, governments or government bodies bedr.en
URANIUM RESOURCES & PRICE - well production rates; no mining and environmental impacts

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