Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, March 2006

City: London, UK
The USA and India signed a civilian nuclear cooperation agreement 1 MarBBC News Online, 6 March
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has approved 1 MarURI, 23 February
Mawson Resources Ltd has expanded its permit area 1 MarMawson, 2 March
Pitchstone Exploration Ltd and Cameco Corp have signed an agreement 1 MarPitchstone, 1 March
Urenco will acquire the 24.5% interest held by Westinghouse Electric Co 1 MarUrenco, 3 March
A request by Entergy Nuclear to increase the generating capacity 1 MarNRC, 2 March
Electricite de France (EdF) plans to apply for a construction-operation 1 MarNucleonics week, 2 March
France will reportedly sign an agreement with Libya 1 MarInternational Herald Tribune, 6 March
The basic design of a 1200 MWe nuclear power reactor 1 MarNucNet News, 47/06, 2 March
The government has decided not to sell its solo Metsamor 1 MarNuclear Market Review, 3 March
Westinghouse Electric Co has taken over the 15% shareholding 1 MarPBMR, 2 March
Areva has renamed all its subsidiaries 1 MarAreva, 1 March
Australia is reportedly close to signing an agreement with China 8 MarInternational Herald Tribune, 14 March
The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) has begun 8 MarCNSC, 2 March
Uranerz Energy Corp has signed an agreement to joint venture 8 MarUranerz, 13 March
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and Southern Co are considering 8 MarAssociated Press, 7 March
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has reached the preliminary 8 MarNRC, 3 March
The government is developing a National Nuclear Energy Plan 8 MarFreshFUEL, 13 March
TVEL of Russia has agreed to supply nuclear fuel 8 MarTVEL, 9 March
The heads of three Baltic energy companies 8 MarEasti Energia, 8 March
Commercial operation of Hokuriku Electric Power Co's Shiga-2 8 MarReuters, 10 March
Areva has designed an integrated recycling plant 8 MarNuclear Fuel, 13 March
Areva signed an agreement to supply mixed-oxide (MOX) 8 MarAreva, 13 March
Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has informed 8 MarCNSC, 2 March
The former Konrad iron mine is very likely to serve 8 MarNucleonics Week, 9 March
The European Commission (EC) has presented 8 MarFinancial Times, 8 March
Energy ministers representing the G8 nations acknowledged that the world15 MarFinancial Times, 15 March
International Uranium Corp (IUC) has signed a Letter of Intent15 MarIUC, 14 March
Duke Power and Southern Co have agreed to jointly evaluate15 MarDuke, 16 March
Exelon Corp's LaSalle-1 nuclear power reactor set a new world record15 MarExelon, 21 February
The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) aims to construct15 MarAssociated Press, 14 March
Westinghouse Electric Co will supply core reactor components15 MarWestinghouse, 15 March
Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (Pty) Ltd (PBMR) has awarded15 MarPBMR, 15 March
Hokuriku Electric Power Co's Shika-2 nuclear power reactor began15 MarNuclear Market Review, 17 March
The Department of Energy (DOE) is seeking expressions of interest15 MarDOE, 17 March
The Department of Energy (DOE) is considering a second repository site15 MarSpentFUEL, 20 March
A three-step draft plan to identify deep geological repository sites15 MarNucNet News, 57/06, 15 March
Legislation authorizing the US nuclear agreement with India15 MarNucleonics Week, 16 March
India and Russia expanded their cooperation in nuclear energy15 MarBBC News Online, 14 March
France and Libya have signed an accord for the peaceful use of nuclear energy15 MarBBC News online, 16 March
US Energy Corp and Crested Corp (USECC) announced the signing22 MarUS Energy Corp, 21 March
Paladin Resources Ltd has secured its third sales contract22 MarPaladin, 24 March
Yukon Resources has entered into an option agreement with Apofas Ltd22 MarFreshFUEL, 27 March
The Vostochny Mining & Ore-Dressing Combine (VostGOK) plans22 MarNuclear Market Review, 24 March
New England utilty officials are reportedly considering new nuclear power22 MarUx Weekly, 27 March
Operating licence renewal applications for the Vermont Yankee and Pilgrim22 MarNRC, 22 March
Five nuclear technology and engineering companies have established22 MarPlatts Nuclear News Flashes, 27 March
A feasibility study has been initiated assessing the development22 MarFreshFUEL, 27 March
The Kanazawa District Court ordered Hokuriku Electric Power Co22 MarAtoms in Japan, 24 March
Kansai Electric Power Co is investigating an incident22 MarNucNet News, 63/06, 22 March
Japan Atomic Power Co (JAPC) has applied22 MarAtoms in Japan, 10 March
The prefectural assembly of Saga Prefectural voted to approve22 MarAtoms in Japan, 22 March
South Korea is interested in constructing Vietnam's first nuclear power plant22 MarNuclear Market Review, 24 March
The state of Nevada has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Energy22 MarNuclear Market Review, 24 March
Phased deep geological disposal was the option preferred by most people22 MarNucNet World Nuclear Review, 12/06, 24 March
The government is to embark on a wide-ranging sale of publicly-owned22 MarDaily Telegraph, 23 March
Australia and China have signed two agreements that open the way29 MarInternational Herald Tribune, 3 April
BHP Billiton Ltd and Energy Resouces Inc of Australia Ltd (ERA)29 MarNuclear Market Review, 7 April
Uranium Resources Inc (URI) has reconstructed its long-term sales contracts29 MarUx Weekly, 3 April
Cameco Corp announced that construction has been delayed29 MarCameco, 6 April
UrAsia Energy Ltd announced its second uranium sales contract29 MarNuclear Market Review, 7 April
South Africa: AngloGold Ashanti is considering increasing29 MarFreshFUEL, 10 April
Comurhex announced that uranium tetrafluoride (UF4) production29 MarNuclear Market Review, 31 March
Florida Power & Light Co (FPL) announced plans to increase29 MarFPL, 3 April
Electricite de France (EDF) has been issued a licence29 MarNucleonics Week, 6 April
Tokyo Electric Power Co's (TEPCO's) plan to construct29 MarAtoms in Japan - News in brief, 27 March
Japan Atomic Energy Agency's (JAEA's) Tokai Reprocessing Plant29 MarAtoms in Japan, 31 March
The Department of Energy (DOE) has selected Oak Ridge29 MarNuclear Energy Overview, 10 April
British Nuclear Fuels plc (BNFL) has been given government approval29 MarBNFL, 30 March
The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)29 MarNRC, 10 April
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