Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, April 2006

City: London, UK
Estimated investment of up to US$1 billion will be required12 AprEnergy in East Europe, 14 April
India has launched a major initiative to explore for uranium12 AprHindustan Times Online, 10 April
Uranium Corporation of India Ltd's (UCIL's) proposed uranium project12 AprUx Weekly, 17 April
Tertiary Minerals plc of the UK announced12 AprTertiary Minerals, 19 April
PSEG Nuclear LLC has awarded a contract for maintenance and modifications12 AprShaw, 12 April
Prime Minister Tony Blair gave a strong indication that the government12 AprGuardian, 17 April
50% of Swedes want to keep nuclear energy in the long term12 AprNuclear Market Review, 14 April
The pending closure of the Kozloduy-3 and -4 nuclear power reactors12 AprFreshFUEL, 17 April
Atomstroyexport of Russia and Skoda of the Czech Republic12 AprUx Weekly, 17 April
The country's first commercial nuclear power plant will be constructed12 AprNuclear Market Review, 14 April
Following government approval of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority's12 AprNDA, 10 April
British Nuclear Group (BNG) Project Services has won12 AprBNG, 13 April
Public opinion on the issue of whether deep or near-surface repositories12 AprNucNet News, 73/06, 12 April
In support of President Bush's Advanced Energy Initiative (AEI)12 AprDOE,13 April
US: Strathmore Minerals Corp Announced that it is ready to prepare and submit..20 AprStrathmor 19 April
Kazakhstan: Kazatomprom plans to produce nearly 5000 tones of uranium20 AprNFuclear Market Review 21 April; Ux Weekly 24 April
Guyana: Exploration permits have been granted to U3O8 Corp of Canada20 AprAssociated Press, 20 April
US: USEC Inc.'s American Centrifuge Plant (ACP) licence application ...20 AprUx Weekly, 24 April
Russia reportedly aims to secure a 25 % share of the world's nuclear fuel cycle20 AprSpentFUEL, 24 April
US: There are no environmental impacts that would preclude licence renewal ...20 AprNRC, 18 April
UK: Opposition to nuclear power is declining, according to a poll of 2161 peopl.20 AprFinancial Times Online, 18 April; Ux Weekly, 24 April
Finland: A majority of Finns support the construction of a sixth nuclear power..20 AprFinancial Times, 24 April; Helsingin Sanomat Online, 24 Apr.
France: Areva confirmed that it submitted an eighth bid to Chinese customers ...20 AprPlatts Nuclear News Flahshes, 24 April
Slovakia: Proposals for the completion of the Mochovce-3 an -4 ...20 AprNucNet News, 77/06, 24 April
India: The government should plan to raise the country's nuclear generating ...20 AprUx Weekly, 24 April
US: If the Yucca Mountain repository were redesigned and expanded20 AprNuclear Energy Overview, 24 April
US: A new industry-backed body - the Clean & Safe Energy Coalition20 AprNucleonics Week, 20 April; Nuclear Energy Overview, 24 April
US: USEC Inc is on target to begin uranium enrichment operations26 AprUSEC 25 April: FreshFUEL 1 May
The California Energy Commission has recommended that the state maintain ...26 AprUx Weekly, 1 May
Canada: The permier of Alberta, Ralph Klein, has reportedly stated ...26 AprUx Weekly, 1 May
France's nuclear power plants generated a record 451.5 TWh of electricity26 AprNucleonics Week, 27 April
Spain: The Jose Cabrera-1 (Zorita-1) nuclear power reactor was permanently shut26 AprNucNet News 27 April; Nucl.Week 27 April; Ux Weekly 1 May
Norway: Bergen Energi -a power broker- has asked the government for a licence...26 AprNucleonics Week, 27 April; NucNet News, 83/06
China: PaR Nuclear Inc - a subsidiary of Westinghouse Electric Co - ...26 AprWestinghouse 28 April
South Korea: A ground-breaking ceremony was held at the site of the Shin Wolsong26 AprNuclear Market Review, 30 April; FreshFUEL 1 May; NucNet ...
Uxbekistan plans to form a joint venture wicht Russia's Techsnabexport (Tenex)..26 AprUx Weekly, 1 May
US: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hopes to issue a final...26 AprCoRWM & BBC News Online, 27 April; SpentFUEL 1 May
India will manufacture some 10% of the machines to be used...26 AprNuclear Market Review, 30 April
Ukraine: A major international study concluded that there is no indication up...26 AprNucleonics Week, 27 April
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