Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, May 2006

City: London, UK
France: Electricité de France's (EDF's) board of dirictors dcides to proceed... 4 May
US: 76% of Americans do not believe enough is being done to increase ... 4 MayCASEnergy, 2 May
Austalia is 'destined under all governments to be mining uranium... 4 MayThe Australian , 4 May
Canada: Nunavut Tunngavik Inc (NTI) has reversed its previous ban 4 MayNunatsiaq News Online, 5 May; Ux Weekly, 8 May
Brazil: Industrias Nucleares do Brasil's (INB's) Resende uranium enrichment... 4 MayAss. Press 7/5; Environment News Service 8/5; Ux W.. 8/5/06
The operating licences of the Bronwns Ferry-1, -2 and -3 nuclear power react.... 4 MayNRC, 4 May
Romania: The Beijing Jianhuan Technology & Trade Co of China... 4 MayAECL, 28 April; SpentFUEL 8 May; NucNet News 91/06
Armenia is planning to contruct a 1000 MWe nuclear power plant ... 4 MayITAR-TASS, 3 May; FreshFUEL, 8 May
Tunisia is reportedly considering contructing a nuclear power plant 4 MayUnited Press International Online, 4 May
Vietnam will select a reactor vendor to supply a turnkey nuclear powerplant 4 MayNucleonics Week, 4 May
UK: British Nuclear Group (BNG) has signed a new mixed-ocide (MOX) fuel... 4 May
Iran: Foreign ministers of world powers failed to agee on unified position 4 MayFinancial Times, 8 May; BBC News Online, 9 May; Int.Herald..
Owners and operators of US civilian nuclear power reactors purchased10 MayEIA, 11 May
Kazatomprom held a ceremony on 12 May to mark the launch10 MayKazatomprom, 12 May
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has issued its final10 MayNRC, 10 May
The Department of Energy (DOE) issued an interim final rule10 MayDOE, 8 May
The public enquiry into the construction of a European10 MayPlatts Nuclear News Flashes, 15 May
Proposals for power uprates at all three reactors at the Forsmark10 MayNucNet News, 102/06, 15 May
Advisors have been appointed by the three Baltic power companies10 MayEnergy in East Europe, 12 May
Six VVER-1500 nuclear power reactors will be constructed10 MayNucleonics Week, 11 May
The USA would be willing to provide assistance to Kazakhstan10 MayUx Weekly, 15 May
The Tianwan-1 nuclear power reactor was connected to the national grid10 MayNucNet News, 97/06, 11 May
First concrete was poured on 28 April at the site of the third and fourth unit10 MayNucNet World Nuclear Review, 19/06, 12 May
According to our plan, we should have 1000 MW by 201510 MayUx Weekly, 15 May
Nuclear energy is expected to account for 41% of the country's total10 MayAtoms in Japan, 26 April
The parliament approved plans by state-owned radioactive waste company10 MayUtility Week, 12 May
Prime Minister Tony Blair endorsed a new generation of new nuclear power plants17 MayFinancial Times, 17 May
Prime Minister John Howard said he wants a full-blooded debate17 MayReuters, 22 May
US uranium output increased by some 24% in 2005, reaching some17 MayEIA, 15 May
The Euratom Supply Agency (ESA) has published its annual report for 200517 MayNuclear Market Review, 19 May
The Zarechnoye joint venture uranium project between17 MayNuclear Market Review, 19 June
RWE Nukem Inc has won its decade-long dispute with US Energy Corp17 MayRWE Nukem, 18 May
Silex Systems Ltd has signed an exclusive commercialization17 MaySilex, 22 May
TVEL of Russia has been awarded a contract by Czech utility CEZ17 MayTVEL, 17 May
There are no significant environmental impacts from extended operation17 MayNRC, 22 May
Dominion is considering uprating its Millstone-3 nuclear power reactor17 MayPlatts Nuclear News Flashes, 19 May
The Tarapur-3 nuclear power reactor achieved criticality on 21 May17 MayNPCIL, 21 May
A joint venture company for the construction of a new nuclear power plant17 MayChina Daily Online, 19 May
The council of ministers issued a decree on establishing a fund17 MayNucleonics Week, 22 May
RWE Energy has sold the companies of the RWE Solutions Group17 MayRWE, 18 MAY
SXR Uranium One Inc has submitted an application to the24 Maysxr Uranium One, 25 May
The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) announced its decision24 MayCNSC, 26 May
TVEL has applied to the Russian Economic Development & Trade Ministry24 MayUx Weekly, 29 May
British prime minister Tony Blair has called for increased responsibility to giv24 MayNucNet News, 112/06, 30 May
A request by FPL Energy to uprate the Seabrook nuclear power plant by 1.7%24 MayNRC, 23 May
Pinnacle West Capital Corp might consider constructing two new reactors24 MayNucleonics Week, 25 May
President Bush, during a visit to Exelon's Limerick nuclear power plant24 MayNuclear Energy Overview, 29 May
Nuclear power should supply some 30% of electricity needs24 MayFinancial Times, 29 May
The Sizewell A nuclear power plant has been given formal permission24 MayBNG, 25 May
A nuclear power plant with four VVER-1000 reactors will be constructed24 MayNuclear. RU, 31 May
The country's first nuclear power reactor would bo competitive24 MayNucNet News, 111/06, 30 May
The National Assembly is working on legislation24 MayFinancial Times, 26 May
The European Union (EU), the USA and five other countries formally concluded24 MayBBC News Online, 24 May
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