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no title author date nuclear energy diplomacy and its implications for energy security in the context of the war in UkraineKacper Szulecki, Indra Overland February 2023 for Sale: Developments in Russian Nuclear Energy ExportsDarya Dolzikova, Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies February 2023 the Tentacles of Russian Energy ‘Octopus’ RosatomDixi Group July 2022 Grip on EU Nuclear PowerPatricia Lorenz May 2022 Rosatom. Prospects of Russia’s nuclear expansion in the context of widening global sanctionsEcodefense May 2022 Russian Involvement in Western Nuclear Power MarketsM.Bowen, P.Dabbar May 2022 risico, duurzame ontwikkeling en energietransitieHoge gezondheidsraad October 2021 Anomalies of Nuclear EnergyMunkácsy, Egres, Energiaklub June 2021 genomic profile of papillary thyroid cancer after the Chernobyl accidentMorton, Karyadi, Stewart, Bogdanova, Dawson, Thomas April 2021–nuclear resistance in Russia: problems, protests, reprisalsRussian Social Ecological Union May 2020 eindberging kernafvalNIRAS, De Preter, Lalieux, Demarche April 2020 the Hinkley Point C project S.Thomas January 2020 Affecting the Influence of Local Movements and Non-Governmental Organisations in Nuclear Waste Policy-Making. In Finland and the NetherlandsR.Verwaaijen June 2019 The factsLowana Veal, Close Capenhurst April 2019 for Survival: A Chernobyl Guide to the FutureK. Brown March 2019 and reality of the Russian reactor exportVladimir Slivyak March 2019 Energy – the looming dependency on Rosatom in the EUJ.Haverkamp, WISE International March 2019 du parc nucléaire et transformation du système électrique : l'attentisme coupable de la Programmation pluriannuelle de l'énergie (PPE)Y.Marignac January 2019 Trouble. Britain’s Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant (THORPIPFM, M.Forwood, G.MacKerron, W.Walker January 2019 Rollen – ein Ziel. Positionspapier zur Öffentlichkeitsbeteiligung in der StandortauswahlBundesamt für kerntechnische Entsorgungssicherheit January 2018 Chiers et Anti-Nucléaires André Majewski January 2018* on Technocracy - Nuclear power in Germany, 1945 to the presentAugustine Dolores L. 2018 of handling the legacy of radioactive contamination at the Mayak Production AssociationBellona, C.Digges, A.Nikitin, A.Ozarovsky 2018's Mayak: More Reprocessing, More ContaminationGreenpeace CEE, J.Haverkamp September 2017 und Gewalt in Bewegung - Der Kommunistische Bund Westdeutschland (KBW) in den Anti-AKW-Protesten in Brokdorf 1976-1977Ch.Janus March 2017'art de gouverner les déchets hautement radioactifs. Analyse comparée de la Belgique, la France et le CanadaParotte C. December 2016üll-Kommission am Ende – Konflikte ungelöstBi Lüchow-Dannenberg, .ausgestrahlt, AG Schacht Konrad July 2016 der Kommission Lagerung hoch radioaktiver AbfallstoffeKommission Lagerung hoch radioaktiver Abfallstoffe June 2016ïne AkkoordLaka March 2016 An independent scientific evaluation of the health-related effects of the Chernobyl nuclear disasterI.Fairlie March 2016

*: Estimated date