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Chernobyl, 29 years on. The situation at the site - no foreseeable solution and a race against time

AuthorGreenpeace Int., O.Becker
DateApril 2015

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Chernobyl, 29 years on
The situation at the site - no foreseeable solution and a race against time
April 2015
Written by Oda Becker on behalf of Greenpeace e.V.

In light of the huge costs involved, it is shocking that the goals for the NSC are so limited, which include
only preventing the penetration of water into the sarcophagus, as well as the external release of
radioactive dust particles for a period of 100 years.
The major drawback of the SIP, however, is that recovering the fuel-containing material is not part of the
project, although the greatest threat to the environment and people comes precisely from these fuelcontaining,
highly radioactive substances. While the protective shell is designed to make it possible for
this fuel-containing material to be recovered at a later point in time,. the financial means to actually
implement fuel containing material recovery are not provided by the SIP. Thus, the long-term threat
posed by the destroyed reactor block will not have been averted by the current efforts underway.
In short, it must be stated that 29 years after the worst nuclear disaster the world has yet seen, the
damaged reactor is still a danger. A real solution to the situation is nowhere in sight.

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