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2015-04 Chernobyl, 29 years on. The situation at the site - no foreseeable solution and a race against timeGreenpeace Int., O.Becker chernobyl accident - consequences surroundings - sarcophagus
2012 The EPR nuclear reactor: A dangerous waste of time and money: Catalysing an energy revolutionGreenpeace Int. nuclear safety - reactors - new generations - e.p.r.
2011-06 Selected Aspects of the EPR Design in the Light of the Fukushima AccidentH.Hirsch, Greenpeace Int. nuclear safety - reactors - new generations - e.p.r.
2011 Battle of the grids: Report 2011: How Europe can go 100% renewable and phase out dirty energyGreenpeace Int., J.vd Putte, R.Short np & greenhouse effect - nuclear power yes or no solution & scenarios
2011 European grid study 2030/2050E.Tröster, energynautics, Greenpeace Int. international organisations - european energy charter
2010-07 The deadly legacy of radioactive waste: Wasting our time with nuclear power: Catalysing an energy revolutionGreenpeace Int. waste - radioactive waste general
2010-05 Planning proliferation: The global expansion of nuclear power and multinational approachesF.Barnaby, Shaun Burnie, Greenpeace Int. proliferation - multinational approaches (gnep / fuel bank / gnpi)
2010-05 Planning Proliferation: The global expansion of nuclear power and multinational ApproachesGreenpeace Int., F.Barnaby, Shaun Burnie proliferation - multinational approaches (gnep / fuel bank / gnpi)
2010-04Left in the dust: Areva’s radioactive legacy in the desert towns of NigerGreenpeace Int., Andrea A.Dixon niger
2010 No solution to dangerous nuclear wasteGreenpeace Int. waste - radioactive waste general
2009 Nuclear Power: An obstacle to rapid developmentGreenpeace Int. general
2007-12 Nuclear power: undermining action on climate change: case study & alternativesGreenpeace Int. np & greenhouse effect - co2 reduction and climate change
2007-09 Mayak: A50-year tragedy. Summary reportGreenpeace Int. russia - mayak/chelyabinsk (incl. disaster kyshtym urals 1957)
2006-05 Assessment of Operational Risks and Hazards of the EPR when subject to Aircraft CrashLarge & Associates, Greenpeace Int. nuclear safety - reactors - new generations - e.p.r.
2006-04 The Chernobyl Catastrophe. Consequences on Human HealthGreenpeace Int. chernobyl accident - consequences surroundings - medical & mutations
2005-11Europe’s radioactive secretGreenpeace Int. waste - international or multinational storage
2005-08Thinking the Unthinkable: Japanese nuclear power and proliferation in East AsiaORG, F.Barnaby, Shaun Burnie, Greenpeace Int. japan - general
2002 World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2001Antony Froggatt, Greenpeace Int. importance worldwide
2000-08The Clean Development Mechanism: An instrument for Sustainable Development or a New Nuclear Subsidy?Greenpeace Int. np & greenhouse effect - flexible mechanisms cdm/ji/emission trade
2000-05The liberalisation of Europe's electricity marketsAntony Froggatt, Greenpeace Int. costs
1997-09Developments in Liability and Compensation for Nuclear DamageSimon Caroll, Greenpeace Int liability / insurance / legislation
1997-06The European Commission's Proposals for Funding of Soviet Designed VVER 1000 ReactorsAntony Froggatt, Greenpeace Int. nuclear safety - reactors - "assistance" to...(ebrd/nsa/tacis/phare etc.)
1996-05Liquid discharges from European Reprocessing FacilitiesGreenpeace Int. radiation - around facilities
1995-12The trade in nuclear weapon materials: the European Commission, Russia and highly enriched uraniumGreenpeace Int. russia - export
1995-10Kozzloduy: A risk too far?Greenpeace Int. bulgaria - facilities
1995-04The 490 Forgotten Bombs. US and British Foreign Deployed Nuclear Weapons in EuropeKristensen, Greenpeace Int. proliferation - general
1994-11The nuclear dilemma in Eastern EuropeGreenpeace Int. nuclear safety - reactors - "assistance" to...(ebrd/nsa/tacis/phare etc.)
1994-06The nuclear threat to the marine environment and to fishing and coastal communities: Liability and Compensation for Damage Caused by Nuclear ActivitiesGreenpeace Int. liability / insurance / legislation
1993-04Proposals to amend the 1963 Vienna Convention on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage 21 May 1963SCNL, FIELD, Greenpeace Int. liability / insurance / legislation
1992-09The IAEA file (Greenbase netwerk/APS)Greenpeace Int. international organisations - i.a.e.a.
1992-03Proposed Alternative to the Draft Language prepared by the IAEA Secretariat for Consideration by the standing Committee on Nuclear LiabilityGreenpeace Int. liability / insurance / legislation
1989-08The International Law of Liability for Transboundary Nuclear Pollution: The Existing Regime, It's deficiencies and a framework for a New RegimeGreenpeace Int. liability / insurance / legislation
1984-07*Preventing nuclear war. The case for a Comprehensive Test Ban TreatyGreenpeace int. proliferation - ctbt / verification / simulation
The plutonium trade: a troubling new era of proliferationGreenpeace Int. plutonium - general

*: Estimated date