Publication Laka-library:
Marshall Islands 1946 - 1996

AuthorWISE Amsterdam, D.Bannink
DateJune 1996
Classification (PACIFIC - US TESTING AREA)
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From the publication:

February- US forces capture Kwa-
jalein Atoll, Marsball Islands, from the
japanese. Americans recruit Mar-
shallese living on outer islands of
Kwajalein lagoon as labows in support
of war effort.

July 16- at S:29 am, Trinity, the forst
test of an atomic bomb, takes place at
Alomogonlo, New Mexico, US.

August - on the 6th. US drops an
atomic bomb Qn Hiroshima. It is esti-
mated by Japanese that 140,000 died
by december, 194S, as a result of the
bomb. Three days later the second
bomb is dropped on Nagasaki. About
70,000 died by december, 194S, as a
result of the bomb. On the lOth Japan
surenders to the US: The end of World
War II,

November - American military and po-
litical leaders begin planning nuclear
experiments for further development of
nuclear weapons. 1\vo tests, codename
Operation Crossroads, planned to test
effects of atomic explosions on naval
vessels. Search begun for an appropri-
ate site.

January - Navy officials in Washing-
ton, D.C. announce that Bikini atoll, in
the Marshall islands, fulfills all cli-
matic and geographical requirements
for Operation Crossroads.

February 10 - Bikinis first relocation
accomplished swiftly and with little
planning. Military govemour of the
Marsballs obtains consent of Bikini's
paramount chief for the relocation, in-
forming that the scientists were experi-
menting with nuclear devices "... for
the good of mankind and to end all
world wars." After deliberation, the Bi-
kini's consent to move, but have no
real alternative other than submission
to US plans.