Publication Laka-library:
Dublin Declaration

AuthorEuropean Community
DateNovember 1984

From the publication:

                           DECLARATION OF COMMON POLICY

       The Ten (hereinafter called "the Member States"), united within the
framework of European political co-operation:

       (a)   recalling the rights and obligations deriving from their member­
             ship   of the European Atomic Energy Community,

       (b)   emphasizing their support for the objective of non-proliferation
             of nuclear weapons,

       (c)   referring со the various undertakings relating to the peaceful
             utilization of nuclear energy and the safeguarding thereof to
             which they have respectively subscribed, in particular the Treaty
             on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and the agreements
             concluded between the Member States, the European Atomic Energy
             Community and the International Atomic Energy Agency for the
             application of safeguards within the Community, and

       (d)   taking note of the adoption by all the Member States of the Guide­
             lines for the Export of Nuclear Material, Equipment or Technology
             set forth in document INFC1RC/254 of the International Atomic
             Energy Agency (hereinafter called "the Guidelines"),

1.     State that the principles contained in the Guidelines constitute a common,
fundamental set of rules for all the Member States in relation to their
nuclear exports,

2.     Declare that, provided the provisions of the Treaties of Rome and the
competence of the Member States are respected, transfers of nuclear material,
equipment and technology may be made without restriction between the Member
States, subject to the following additional arrangements:

2.1.         Until such time as they are used, separated plutonium and uranium
             enriched to more than 20% will be stored by the Member States at
             the place of separation or enrichment to more than 20?., or at the
             places of fabrication of fuels containing plutonium or uranium
             enriched to more than 20%, or in a store established and administered
             by a Member State, or in a place to be determined by common agree­
             ment between the Member States concerned.