IAEA-database of nuclear and radiological incidents

Here you find the full list of nuclear and radiation incidents which are reported by national nuclear regulatory agencies to the International Atomic Energy Agency since 1990.

The list gives an impression of the spread, diversity and frequency of incidents and accidents with nuclear power plants, reprocessing plants, fuel enrichment plants, nuclear laboratories, irradiation facilities and with radioactive transports. However: It is not a complete list of all nuclear incidents and accidents; different national regulators have different regimes as to which incidents to report to the IAEA and which not.

Nuclear and radiological incidents in Europe

The Vienna-based IAEA only releases reports from the previous twelve months to the public. After twelve months, reports are hidden from the IAEA-website. This makes it impossible for neighbors, non-governmental organizations, journalists and the like, to monitor the occurrence of nuclear incidents throughout the years. The risks of a certain nuclear power station can only be assessed by the frequency and the gravity of incidents occurring over the years. By releasing the full IAEA-list with all reported incidents from 1990, Laka, an Amsterdam based research group on nuclear energy, makes this safety-relevant accessible for the public.

To provide overview of incidents and accidents, Laka also put all reports also in an on-line map.

To get a notice of an incident report as its added, follow @ines_events on Twitter or the RSS-feed (only nuclear power stations) To review more compendia of nuclear incidents and accidents, see Laka's catalogue.