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Legenda & explanation
date INES title location
2017-08-022Risk of loss of heat sink in case of an earthquake - 20 reactors concernedBELLEVILLE-1
2017-08-182Insufficient seismic resistance of a part of the canal embankment along the Tricastin NPPTRICASTIN-1
2017-06-202Emergency diesel generators auxiliary systems not compliant with seismic requirements on the 1300 MW reactors (8 sites - 20 reactors)BELLEVILLE-1
2017-04-141Stolen gamma densitometerSouth of France / Valérian Company
2015-06-302Bordeaux University: discovery of radioactive sources and incidental exposure of personsBordeaux University
2015-08-182Irradiation of a worker during scheduled NNP outage at Le BlayaisBLAYAIS-4
2015-03-022Transport incident of a gamma ray projectorSt Pol-sur-Mer (59) and Courcelles-les-Lens (62)
2013-08-022Uncontrolled release of radioactive effluents into the public sewerage systemBordeaux university hospital
2014-10-142A practitioner’s regulatory annual exposure dose limit was exceededBordeaux University Hospital - Pellegrin Hospital
2014-08-182Interventional Radiology: exposure of a health professional in excess of the annual dose limitVal de Saône Polyclinic in Mâcon
2014-06-112Irradiation of a worker during an intervention using gamma ray projectorWorksite in Pau (Pyrénées Atlantiques département)
2014-04-182Exposure of a worker during radiographic inspectionsDCNS site
2013-05-302Interventional Radiology - Exceeding of the maximum regulatory annual effective doseSaint-Eloi Hospital (Montpellier)
2013-08-232Exposure of a worker in excess of statutory annual dose limitsLAMA (CEA Grenoble)
2013-04-242Accidental exposure of a worker exceeding annual regulatory limit to the skinBLAYAIS-4
2012-06-132Irradiation of a worker while handling an Iridium 192 sourceFos-sur-Mer
2013-05-062Exceeding of the maximum regulatory annual effective dose by a practitioner in interventional radiologyHospital "Institut Mutualiste Montsouris" (Paris)
2012-11-192loss of a package containing medical radioactive fluorine, during a transport operation in NimesNîmes University Hospital
2012-09-262ASN decided to uprate as level 2 on the INES scale an event related to non-compliance with the requirements applicable to labelling, storage and on-site transfer of wet fissile materialsAREVA-FBFC
2012-04-051Fire and abnormal primary circuit leak occured at Penly NPP n°2 reactorPENLY-2
2011-12-212Level 2 incident on INES scale concerning a pipe nonconformity in two Cattenom NPP fuel storage poolsCATTENOM-2 and 3
2011-09-121Explosion and fire at Centraco CENTRACO waste processing and conditioning plantCENTRACO (Codolet, France)
2011-02-162Level 2 incident on INES scale concerning back-up diesel generators at Tricastin nuclear power plantTRICASTIN-3
2010-05-262Contamination of 6 workers during the recovery of a gammagraphy Co-60 sourceindustrial radiography
2010-04-232Worker overexposure CHINON-B4
2009-12-012Shutdown of Cruas unit 4 after heat sink incidentCRUAS-4
2009-10-062Failure in fissile material accountabilityCADARACHE
2009-03-032Non-respect of a safety-criticality requirement at AREVA NC Melox facility (Marcoule)MELOX Fuel process plant
2008-10-072Cobalt-60 contaminated elevator buttons sold abroad by a French companyMetallic products manufacturer
2008-07-071Spillage of uranium-bearing effluents into the environment at the SOCATRI nuclear facility (Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux (Drôme), France)SOCATRI Bollène (Vaucluse)