Legenda & explanation
date INES title location
18-12-20183Overexposure of two workersIslamic Republic of Iran, KHORASANE RAZAVI province, Iran
14-01-20191Lost and Subsequent Recovery of a Radioactive SourceWajedo International Corporation (Private) Limited, Pakistan
16-01-20191Loss and subsequent recovery of a radioactive sourceRajahmundry, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd., India
04-08-20172Overexposure of Workers after Moderator Heavy Water Leak from Bonnet Gasket of Moderator Storage Tank Outlet ValveKANUPP-1, Pakistan
06-06-20172Exposure of Workers at Plutonium Fuel Research FacilityOarai Research and Development Center, Japan
15-12-20151Loss of radioactive source (Cs-137, Bac Kan, 2015)Bac Kan cement company/Bac Kan province, Viet Nam
01-04-20151Loss of radioactive source (Co-60, Pomina, 2015)Pomina steel company/Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu province, Viet Nam
12-09-20141Loss of radioactive source (Ir-192, APAVE, 2014)APAVE Company/Hồ Chí Minh city, Viet Nam
30-07-20061Loss of radioactive source (Cs-137, Song Da, 2006)Song Da cement company/Hoa Binh Province, Viet Nam
29-05-20061Loss and dispersion of radioactive source (Eu-152, 2006)ITRRE/Hanoi, Viet Nam
19-10-20162Overexposure of a member of the publicSakarya province, Turkey
20-04-2016Not ApplicableLeakage from Piping Transferring RO-Concentrated Water to G-6 Tank AreaFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
11-03-20162Leak from primary coolant system at Kakrapar Atomic Station-1KAKRAPAR-1, India
23-09-20153Overexposure of two industrial radiographersIslamic Republic of Iran, Oil refinery Company, Iran
29-05-2015Not ApplicableContaminated water being transferred to turbine building of unit 3 from 1000 tons notch tank was leaking from the cracked pressure hoseFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
15-09-2015Not ApplicableLeakages of water from the dikes in tank areas storing contaminated waterFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
02-10-2013Not ApplicableLeakage of Contaminated Water from the Top Plate of a Tank at B Area (South)FUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
20-02-2014Not ApplicableLeakage of Contaminated Water from the Upper Part of Tank C-1 in H-6 Tank AreaFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
02-10-2013Not ApplicableLeakege of Contaminated Water from the Top Plate of a Tank at B Area (South)FUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
09-10-2013Not ApplicableLeakage of Contaminated Water from a Desalination SystemFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
06-02-2014Not ApplicableLeakage of Contaminated Water from a Flange of Water Pressure Measuring instrumentFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
20-02-2014Not ApplicableLeakega of Contaminated Water from the Upper Part of Tank C-1 in H-6 Tank AreaFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
13-04-2014Not ApplicableInappropriate Transfer of Contaminated WaterFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
02-06-2014Not ApplicableLeakage of Contaminated Water from Two Notch TanksFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
17-09-2014Not ApplicableDiscovery of a Crack in a Connection Valve between Tanks for Concentrated Water Treated by Reverse OsmosisFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
17-12-2014Not ApplicableLeakage of Water Treated by the Multi-Nuclide Removal Facility (ALPS)FUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
22-02-2015Not ApplicablePossible Flow of Contaminated Water to the Outside of the Controlled AreaFUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, Japan
04-05-20141Exposure to Worker in Excess of Administrative LimitCHASNUPP-1 (C-1), Pakistan
12-02-20141Radiation Leakage from Brachytherapy MachineDr. Ziauddin Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan
17-05-20141Exposure of a temporary worker in excess of annual dose constraint during transfer operation of irradiated neutron detector.TARAPUR-4, India