De betekenis van de kernenergie voor de ontwikkelingslanden

Date 1 October 1971
Page number274-276
MagazineAtoomenergie en haar toepassingen, Petten, Nederland
Year 13
Number of pages 3
Tags: CONSTRUCTION NUCLEAR POWER PLANT - (Installations) international + Netherlands
CANDU - technical information; This also includes PHWR
CONGRESS - incl. workshops
INDIA - country in Asia
MAP - geographical map with locations and / or transport routes
NUCLEAR POWER IN AGRICULTUR - Gentrification of crops for 'better' food
COST COMPARISON - in cash and / or for profit
MUTATIONS - As a result of radiation
NUCLEAR MEDICINE - Production and uses medical isotopes; incl. X
PNE - Peaceful Nuclear Explosions (not a 'normal' nuclear tests)
FOOD IRRADIATION - Food irradiation is the process of exposing food and food packaging to ionizing radiation

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