United Kingdom

AuthorMartin Garside
Descriptionuit: World nuclear status report 2000 van ENS
Date 1 August 2001
Page number43-44
MagazineNuclear Europe Worldscan, Bern, CH
Year 21
Number of pages 2
Tags: AGR - Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor
AP-600 - AP-600 (and AP-1000) new types of reactors Westinghouse
BNFL - British Nuclear Fuels Ltd (see also BNG)
BRITISH ENERGY - english company after privatization
GREENHOUSE EFFECT - Global warming
CAPENHURST, GB - Capenhurst, UK
CENSORSHIP - including (attempts) to conceal or alter information
ELECTRICITY - role of nuclear power in electricty
UNITED KINGDOM - Great Britain and Northern Ireland
MAGNOX - type reactor, especially GB
MOX - Mixed oxide fuel, commonly referred to as MOX fuel, is nuclear fuel that contains more than one oxide of fissile material, usually consisting of plutonium blended with natural uranium, reprocessed uranium, or depleted uranium.
NIREX - UK: Responsible for radioactive waste; precursor CoRWM
PWR - Pressurized water reactor
UKAEA - United Kingdom atomic energy agency
WESTINGHOUSE - Westinghouse Elec. Corporation Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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