Adder: Third Opinion, March 2000

City: Sydney, Australie
Date: 1 March 2000
Description: Australia's independent Energy Journal
ERA's production
Western Mining
Among the federal Coalition's
Study on n-test vets expanded
Protests greet Aust. waste
Haevy-handed police response at Beverley
The Roxby fire the price of fast-tracking
The case of the scorched lawn
After a three-year delay
US Energy Secretary
The Clinton administration
Russia: we'll take your waste
Still hanging around
Military against dump
Four more sites added
Yucca Mountain, Nevada, USA
Five people have been hospitalised
The British government has approved
Generational dumping
Britain's backlog may cause shutdowns
Not what they thought
Flying high-level in Canada: weapons to power?
Sometimes you see such suffering your life can never be the sameRoberts, Martha
Almost 100 research labs
Meantime, seven US and nine Japanese
Although no completion date was set
The Cape Metropolitan Council
In early December, the FBI arrested
1: Alexander Nikitin
2: Karen Silkwood
Stealing cables from on-line reactor
Why weren't we told?
Depleted uranium in the Gulf: Canadians to be tested
The US Department of Agriculture
On Dec. 8, ten workers were injured
Workers at the Leningrad nuclear power plant
The Specialty Steel Industry of North America
The two-reactor Ashihama nuclear power plant
Just rewrite the tax laws
Nevada test site new year's with a difference
From the skid rows of Tokyo
Latest toll
Return to normality?
BNFL in hot water
What's rotted my dad's body?
On Nov. 18, the Dutch international insurance company
Britain's top-secret nuclear weapons factory
The Korean Air cargo plane that crashed
The Tennessee Valley Authority
Britain's nuclear reactors are being run unsafely
In response to US concerns about security
British Nuclear Fuels has announced
Italy plans to spend nearly $US3 billion
Global technology group, ABB
Financial constraints could soon force Ukraine
Since work began on the proposed Yucca Mountain
Since 1994, Japan, the US, the European Union
Slovakia has suspended indefinitly a shipment
The US Department of Energy
Stranded in more ways than one
Since the US government sold its
Argentina's plan to privatise its nuclear power industry
On Oct. 9 a truck loaded with 900 smoke detectors
Scientists from the university of North Carolina
In early December, the Lower House of the Dutch Parlaiment
After decades of denials, the US government
Thaw in Isreal's ice?
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