Adder: Third Opinion, June 2000

City: Sydney, Australie
Date: 1 June 2000
Description: Australia's independent Energy Journal
A scrap dealer
A new US Geological Survey
The new reactor: Argentinian firm wins tender
Jabiluka has no value
As a first step
About 50 villagers
On Jun. 15 German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder
Overkill: police riot
Not without cover
Hot Kakadu tourist spot
A good listener
The doctors didn't even noticeGreen, Jim
You can't blame'em
Some good news for customers of ten utilities
The nuclear claims tribunal
Twenty-one 'abnormals'
The other end
Could've made bomb material
SA to legislate against federal dump
Anti-dump goes fully mainstream
Whyalla and port Augusta councils oppose dump
What's next
No plan
The people's conference on nuclear issues
Taiwan's economics minister has ordered Taipower
Workers at four nuclear weapons complexes
Environmentalists claim the US
Transport flasks
The dog-eat-dog stage
The great guzzler
Arabunna elder resumes his target
The Los Alamos fire. No radiation release?
Don't record it and it'll go away!
Chernobyl is finally to close
A second worker has died
The town of Yaku
In a move designed to assert Russia's clout
Lithuania has passed a bill
A UN taskforce has reported
As expected, US President Bill Clinton
On Mar. 13, near Ize Brittany
The Isreali government is considering
The US Supreme Court has rejected
Incinerator victory. Not without huge effort
Genetic research. Any dose will do it
The brink of bankruptcy, BNFL faces its toughest test yet: economics
Since the 1980s, Britain's Ministry of Defence
Computer records of hundred of safety
Turkey's treasury says it can't afford
In March, the UK Atomic Energy Authority
The Russian Ministry for Emergencies
The French are no different
Just add it to the dreamtime
Romanian tv claims thousands of Romanians
The US Department of Energy
Local institutes
Won't do the trick
Britain to close all eight magnox reactors
US prison inmates
More and more workers
In related news
A controversial plan
The solution: classify him as mad
Nitikin is finally acquitted: just one step for one man
A proposed plutonium-processing plant
Russia's 112 research reactors are potentially dangerous
General Electric is asking
The potential price tag to convert
Speaking of cleanups...
The Indian government has revised cost
Due to continuing low power prices
US utility Comed wants its customers
Maine Yankee as terminated
While they trated verbal hostilities
GPU nuclear, which operated the Oyster Creek
An Iranian truck smugglin nuclear material
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