Adder: Third Opinion, September 2000

City: Sydney, Australie
Date: 1 September 2000
Description: Australia's independent Energy Journal
The owner of the Honeymoon uranium
The only US company that provides
One of the containers the Us government
North goes
Another mission
Won't lift a finger
Production cut, but still optimistic
Toxic mess, didn't mine a thing
The owner of the Roxby Downs
The Germans Greens have endorsed a plan
Sweden's Environment Minister Kjell Larsson
A Seismological survey produced by France's
ASN, the French nuclear safety regulator
Out-of-date before the first sod's turned?
Power squabble
Mushroom therapy
Will the new reactor be a lemon?
Luxembourg will ban the import
Output from Sweden's Ringhals nuclear power plant
Finaly, after seven delays
No dump, no licence
The other side of INVAP
US reactor risk on the rise: scientists
More options shortlisted: and no one's happy
SA: vast majority against dump
A five-year-old boy's letter prompts SA labour
Govt. to privatise dump?
Riverina councils will hear anti-dump view
Adelaide anti-waste rally draws 4000 Sa petition reaches 125,000
Federal labor unanimousGreen, Jim
A million Indian children killed Chernobyl?
Court hints at showdown
Storage problems
Nasal treatments may have exposed millions
The incinerator that burns all low-level radioactive waste
On Aug. 7, the vice-governor for the Chelyabinsk
Sweden can afford to scrap a second reactor
On Jun.19, Greenpeace released new footage
Is SA cleaner than WA?
Plans to decommission the damaged Windscale
BNFL is promising an investigation
In related news, BNFL has agreed
BNFL claims a worker who tried earlier
A poll in late May found 85 percent
British Nuclear Fuel Ltd (BNFL) has been order
Better buildings and transport the answer, not more nukesClover, Charles
Kazakhstan's last nuclear test site
A father and his two children died
The neighbours have finally had enough
Bleak future for Rossing
Honeywell is diversifying
They said it wasn't customer friendly
Cockroach withstands massive radiation
Thick as thieves
Environmental activists in Puerto Rico
50 years to find out
Wildfires hit nuke labs
The International Atomic Energy Agency
Statistics are the people with the tears wiped away
Corrosion in 30 days
Battle over the big talk-up
Accident insurance for Germany's nuclear reactors
... it still takes the cake
Iraq believes $US375 billion will be needed
The cleanup contractor
British Energy's buy-up of North America's nuclear industry
New York Citibank has approved a loan
The US-Russian agreement to dispose
Ukraine says a lack of funds
Lithuania has received pledges
Meantime, the US House of Representatives
The US Senate has unanimously passed
The US will spend another $US413 million
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