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2009-09 Kernenergie SGP Jongeren, Boot, Kranendonk, Slingerland, van de Weerdt, SGP opinion - political parties
2009-02 Uranium mining in Namibia: The mystery behind ‘low level radiation’ LaRRI, Hilma Shindondola-Mote namibia - general
2003-06 The International Legality of Depleted Uranium Weapons Avril McDonald depleted uranium - (inter)national law
1999-09 The Changing need for a Breeder Reactor Richard Wilson, UI London fast breeders - general
1998-06 International Environmental Collaboration. Russia: A Case Study London Initiative on Russian Environment nuclear safety - reactors - "assistance" to...(ebrd/nsa/tacis/phare etc.)
1996-03 RBMK Report 1996. A Critical discussion of Chernobyl-type reactor Roland Kollert, Donderer, Greenpeace nuclear safety - reactors - vver/rbmk general
1995-03 Kernenergie in Indonesie Komitee Indonesie indonesia
1995 Tracking Nuclear Proliferation. Guide in Maps Charts 1995 Leonard S.Spector, McDonough, Medeiros proliferation - general
1994 Directory of Non-Governmental Organizations in Macedonia Macedonia Center for Int. Cooperation yugoslavia (until 1996)
1991-03 Radiation risks: an evaluation D.Sumner, T.Wheldon, W.Watson radiation - consequences - other
1991 The ultimate disposal of fissile materials from nuclear weapons SANA, R.D.Haaridon plutonium - mox & possible re-use weapons pu / heu
1989-02 Cloud over London London Nuclear Information Unit united kingdom - general
1988 Nuclear waste transports through London London Nuclear Information Unit transports - other countries - general
1983-09 Kalkar report. Der Schnelle Brüter: Unwägbares Risiko mit militärische Gefahren? Roland Kollert, Donderer, Franke germany - kalkar - general
1983 Wildlife and the Atom (dierproeven) Greenpeace London radiation - consequences - other
1981-06 Niet oplappen maar opdoeken. Dodewaard tentenkamp 13-21 april 1981 Ineke, Dorien, Ciel, Petra, Willem, Don, Anke, Jeroen, Harry dodewaard - actions
1981 De tachtiger jaren. Een schokkende tijd C.Wilson, J.Weldon proliferation - general
1980 Biologie en kernenergie- effecten van kernenergie op milieu, leven en gezondheid W.v.Raamsdonck radiation - general
1977-09 Safety Assessment of nuclear fuel reprocessing, storage and ancillary activities Gordon R.Thompson united kingdom - sellafield - research (cancer)
1964 Atomic Energy Donald Barr history / development nuclear energy
1961 Atoom Energie. Hoe en Waarom reeks Donald Barr general
Secrecy, money, and deception: the attempt to site West Valley Don't Waste NY, Coalition West V. united states - waste - general