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2012-12 The new UK nuclear power programme - A fit for nuclear and a blueprint for illegal state aid?S.Thomas, Fouquet, European Greens united kingdom - general
2010-11 The EPR in crisisS.Thomas, PSIRU nuclear safety - reactors - new generations - e.p.r.
2010-03The economics of nuclear power: An update: publication series on ecologyS.Thomas, H.Böll Foundation costs
2009-03 Areva and EDF: business prospects and risks in nuclear energyS.Thomas france - general
2008-10 An economic evaluation of a renewed uranium mining boom in New MexicoThomas Michael Power united states - uranium mining
2007-09The economics of nuclear power (full report)Greenpeace, S.Thomas, P.Bradford costs
2007-03 The status of the PBMR development program.S.Thomas south africa - general
2007-03 The economics of nuclear power.Greenpeace, Antony Froggatt, Thomas costs
2007-03The economics of nuclear power, summary 2007Greenpeace, Antony Froggatt, Thomas costs
2004-12 The UK Nuclear Decommissioning AuthorityS.Thomas, PSIRU united kingdom - waste - nirex/nda decommisioning
2002 Radioaktiver Abfaelle in der Schweiz. HaupttextThomas Flueler switzerland - waste (nagra)
2002 The economics of new nuclear power plants and electricity liberalisation: Lessons for Finland from British experienceS.Thomas, Greenpeace Finland international organisations - european energy charter
1989The French nuclear programme: Part 1 Political, institutional and logistical factorsS.Thomas, SPRU Sussex france - general
1988-12Operating performance of PWRsFOE, S.D.Thomas united kingdom - hinkley point
1984The International Uranium MarketThomas Neff uranium - mining / production / stocks / prices
1982-12Nuclear power plants performance 78/81S.Thomas importance worldwide
1982-09Risk estimates for the health effects of Alpha radiationThomas, McNeill, AECB radiation - employees
1982Worldwide nuclear plant performance revisitedS.Thomas importance worldwide
1981-10Adress (toespraak)Thomas A.Dillion fast breeders - general
1978Klinische StrahlenbiologieThomas Herman radiation - general
1975Saboteer Hitlers Atoombom!Thomas Gallagher germany - development a bomb / plutonium economy