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National Energy Research Steering Group

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The National Energy Research Steering Group (LSEO) has decided to
issue an interim report, despite the fact that the time that has elapsed since
its establishment has been too short for a comprehensive picture of the
energy research required to be presented.
There are several reasons for proceeding with the publication of a
number of recommendations at this early juncture. For example, the
existence of the LS EO may delay research, since several of the projects
submitted will be assessed on the basis of the guidelines it draws up. Also,
it was considered advisable that the Energy Memorandum issued by the
Minister for Economic Affairs in September 1974 should be supplemented
at an early date by a research programme.
lt has not been possible, in the time available, to deal with all relevant
subjects. One reason was the desire to base the research proposals on their
significance for complete systems and on comparative evaluations if there
are several possible ways of attaining the same objective. Although this
procedure may result in sound criteria, it is also time consuming in that it
calls for a great deal of interdisciplinary study on the part of the members
Early publication of an interim report has many drawbacks. For instance,
some members of the LSEO will see in it little or no evidence of their views
on the energy problem. If publication had been deferred for a few months it
would, moreover, have been possible to produce a more concise report.
However, such postponement was not considered to be warranted, since it
would not have changed the essence of the proposals for research and
Many people have assisted in the compilation of the report. As regards its
actual production, a debt of gratitude is recorded to the State University,
Utrecht, and the Netherlands Nuclear Research Centre.

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