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The deadly legacy of radioactive waste: Wasting our time with nuclear power: Catalysing an energy revolution

AuthorGreenpeace Int.
DateJuly 2010

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The deadly legacy
of radioactive waste
Wasting our time with nuclear power
July 2010

                                                                      Catalysing an energy revolution                        Wasting our time with Nuclear Power                    1
                                Image June 1982: Greenpeace
                                action protesting at the dumping of
                                nuclear waste in the Atlantic by the
                                dumpship Rijnborg. Two barrels are
                                dropped on top of a Greenpeace
                                inflatable, causing it to capsize.

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                                    Would you drive a car if it had no brakes?                       The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) estimates
                                    Probably not. Yet, for the last 50 years, the                    that the industry annually produces 1 million barrels (200,000
                                    nuclear industry has driven nuclear power                        m3) of what it considers ‘low and intermediate-level waste’
                                    with no concern for the safety of its deadly                     and about 50,000 barrels (10,000 m3) of the even more
                                    by-product: nuclear waste.                                       dangerous ‘high-level waste’.2 These numbers do not include
                                                                                                     spent nuclear fuel, which is also high-level waste.
                                    This briefing illustrates why - for now, and for the coming
                                    hundreds of thousands of years - the nuclear waste               It takes 240,000