Loss of 4 TBq of Mo-99 in B(U) Packaging

A routine consignment of 4 TBq of Mo-99 in Type B(U) packaging, produced by the South African Atomic Energy Corporation was delivered to Johannesburg International Airport on 22 April 1998, for transportation to Buenos Aires. The package could not be found during the carrier's warehouse check on 23 April. The matter was reported to the local police service, and a "trace" process was instituted on flights which might have carried the consignment erroneously. The carrier informed the consignor on 28 April that the consignment had apparently not been carried, and that it was still being sought. The carrier informed the consignor on 8 May 1998 that the consignment should be regarded as missing.
Section C3.3 of the addendum to the INES user's Manual which replaces Section IV-5.1.2 indicates that level 2 rating is appropriate for permanent loss of a radioactive source of the size such that there is potential for a person to receive a dose which would result in prompt adverse heatlh effects.

Event date: Fri, 08-05-1998
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