INES type: research-facility

Legenda & explanation
date INES title location
2017-09-212Contamination event at research facilityStudsvik Nuclear AB
2017-06-062Exposure of Workers at Plutonium Fuel Research FacilityOarai Research and Development Center
2013-08-232Exposure of a worker in excess of statutory annual dose limitsLAMA (CEA Grenoble)
2011-10-012Uranium 233 / 238 Inhalation OverexposureLas Vegas, Nevada / University of Nevada
2010-04-020Worker OverexposureWashington University St. Louis
2009-08-312Loss of Radiation SourceBirjand University
2001-07-102Contamination of workers during dismantling of alpha dry glove boxesNUCLEAR RESEARCH INST., REZ
1999-05-262Plutonium uptake at Chalk River FacilitiesCHALK RIVER LABORATORIES
1997-05-20[N/A]Small fire in the research reactor LR-O building in RezNUCLEAR RESEARCH INST.