Loss of an excepted package shipped to Slovakia

End October 2004 the French authorities were notified that the package had arrived on September, 22 to Warsaw airport (Poland) due to an error in the transfer in Praha airport. The package was due to return to France as soon as possible, after having received the appropriate transport authorisation.
On September 24, an excepted package containing radioactive material has been lost during its transport between Saclay (France) and Bratislava (Slovakia) through Praha airport (Czech Republic).The consignee had to transport it to Slovakia.The package was an excepted containing I 125 in liquid form ( 477 kBq). It was cleared through customs and, as consequence, lost after the arrival at Praha Airport. The competent authority of France has informed the competent authorities of Czech Republic and Slovakia. Due to the loss of this radioactive package, the competent authority of France rated this event at level one on the INES scale.

Location: Transport International
Event date: Fri, 24-09-2004
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