Worker Overexposure

A Nuclear Medicine technologist received an overexposure to the extremity dosimeter for March 2011. The extremity dose was reported as 564.4 mSv (56.44 rem). During the month of March, the technologist performed several cell-labeling procedures involving 2,775 MBq, 4,107MBq, and 3,996 MBq (75mCi, 111mCi, and 108mCi respectively) amounts of Y-90. There were also several labeling procedures involving the use of I-131 during the same time frame. However, because the whole body badge showed no significant exposure, it is believed that majority of the exposure came from the technologist's work with Y-90.

Location: University of Washington, Seattle Washington
Event date: Wed, 30-03-2011
Nuclear event report
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