Adder: Nuclear Monitor, februari 1993

Plaats: Washington DC, VS
NIRS report says medical care not dependent on waste dumps 1 feb
O'Leary, Babbitt confirmed to cabinet posts 1 feb
Greenpeace/ Komanoff report says U.S. nuclear power already has cost nearly $500 1 feb
(geen titel) 1 feb
USCEA to coal industry: don't worry about our ads, we're on your side 1 feb
Another last-minute gift from the Bush administration 1 feb
Illinois: frustrated by alicensing board's decision to deny a permit 1 feb
Maryland: ever wonder how the nuclear industry has succeeded so well 1 feb
Michigan: Consumers Power has formally withdrawn from its agreement 1 feb
Nebraska: governor Ben Nelson has asked the Central Interstate 1 feb
Texas: Citizens for Fair Utilty Regulation (CFUR) has filled a petition 1 feb
Vermont: the New England Coalition on Nuclear Polution (NECNP) is planning 1 feb
Canada: environmentalists are elated by Ontario Hydro's late January 1 feb
Taiwan: In an extremely chilling vision of the potential for life 1 feb
Federal grand jury subpoenas utilities over Thermo-Lag; NRC staff denies NIRS pe15 feb
Nebraska dumps Boyd County waste site15 feb
DOE nuclear waste negotiator takes issue with ex-secretary Watkins15 feb
USC report says Yucca Mountain is a $10 to $50 billion mistake15 feb
California: San Bernandino Mayor Bob Holcomb attempted15 feb
Michigan: Attorney General Frank J. Kelley is welcoming a public meeting15 feb
Pennsylvania: 31-year old Pierce Nye February 7 drove a pick-up truck15 feb
Germany: at first glance, the town Oberrothenbach, in the former East Germany15 feb
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