Adder: Nuclear Monitor, oktober 1993

Plaats: Washington DC, VS
Senate votes to maintain breeder reactor, but cuts MHTGR funding 4 okt
Gov. Wilson licenses Ward Valley; has Babbit already made up his mind? 4 okt
Cracks found in Brunswick reactor vessel shroud 4 okt
NAACP joins fight against LES; NACE report warns of fuel cycle dangers 4 okt
Chernobyl scientist to visit U.S. as new reports indicate tragedy's true depth 4 okt
The NRC will spend $500,000 or more in new tests 4 okt
Illinois: Commonwealth Edison Edison has agreed to the largest electric rate ref 4 okt
New Hampshire: the trial of anti-nuclear activist Guy Chichester 4 okt
Pennsylvania: a last-minute appeal by the state of New-Jersey to stop the transp 4 okt
Congratulations to former Westinghouse engineer Terry Dysert 4 okt
Austria: Anti Atom International (AAI), the network of the Austrian 4 okt
England: not a good beginning: a leak of nitrogen oxide 4 okt
France: the Swiss group ContrAtom has sent another appeal 4 okt
Germany: 200 policemen stormed the Morsleben radioactive waste dump 4 okt
Indonesia: Energi Untuk Rakyat (Energy for People) 4 okt
Taiwan: the legislature has decided by a 76-57 margin to continue funding 4 okt
Turkey: another appeal for internatioanl help 4 okt
Sen. Boxer reveals Ward Valley-Drinking water link; urges Babbit to deny land tr25 okt
Whistleblower say fuel pool problems could lead to full meltdown25 okt
Congress retains funding for nuclear programs25 okt
From NIRS incredibly well-placed network of confidential sources25 okt
Arkansas: a foreign object was found lying in the reactor vessel25 okt
Quadrex Corporation chairman and CEO William Derrickson25 okt
Illinois: the failure of a station auxiliary transformer caused a loss-of-offsit25 okt
Mississippi: the "No.10 jet pump" at the Grand Gulf reactor failed25 okt
Ohio: Toledo environmentalist are rallying behind the mayoral candidacy25 okt
The city of Newburgh Heights has closed a local park following release25 okt
The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, which serves the Cleveland erea25 okt
Oklahoma: in another example of the rapid escalation of nuclear decommissioning25 okt
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