Adder: Nuclear Monitor, januari 2004

Plaats: Washington DC, VS
Bush war on proliferation 1 janWISE Amsterdam
Independent radiation surveys at Niger Uranium mines obstructed 30 janCRIIRAD
Native rights and anti-uranium activist arrested 30 janCRIIRAD;
25 years ago #602 30 janWISE
Action alert waste recycling30 janNIRS
U.S. waste transport via Cape Horn challenged 30 janJoint Taller Ecologista; WISE/NIRS Argentina; Greenpeace Arg
North Korea welcomes U.S. delegation 30 janWISE
Proliferation: Focus on enrichment issues 30 janWISE Amsterdam
France: demonstration against EPR plans 30 janAFP, 17 January 2004
Germany: interim storage spent fuel licensed 30 janStrahlentelx (FRG), January 2004
European Parliament supports draft safety and waste directives 30 janNucleonics Week, 15 January 2004;infomation FOE Europe,18jan
Chernobyl contaminated mushrooms still sold 30 jan
Czech protests against energy policy government 30 janWISE Austria, 28 January 2004
Namibia: Rösling uses decomissioning fund to keep mine operating 30 janThe Namibian, 28 January 2004
Canadian reactor for Bugaria or just another bid? 30 janReuters, 16 January 2004
French money for feasibility study EPR in Lithuania 30 janWISE-Paris
Hungary: Framatom ANP to pay for Paks-2 damage 30 janEnergy Club Hungary, 23 January 2004
Safety anomaly in French reactors 30, 16/1/04; Nsdlrt Xriyunh, 8/1/04; Nucl.W....
U.S.: Ice condenser "initiation" halted by TVA 30 janNucleonics Week, 8 january 2004
Dutch NATO official convicted 30 janExpatica News & ANP, 27 January 2004
Chernobyl documentary receives Oscar nominaion 30, 27 January 2004
European Commission to fund study on regional waste disposal 30 janWNA Weekly Digest, 23 January 2004
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