Adder: Nuclear Monitor, mei 2007

Plaats: Washington DC, VS
California: Nuclear revival dies in committee 3 mei(656.5795) Alliance for nuclear responsibilty
Status of the PBMR development program 3 mei(655.5796) WISE Amsterdam
Chernobyl disease: Stress or radiation? 3 mei(655.5797) Laka Foundation
Moore nuclear spin 3 mei(655.5798) WISE Amsterdam
Development of civil nuclear power industry in China 3 mei(655.5799) CESDRRC
IPCC:"nuclear energy part of the solution" 3 meiGuardian (UK), 28 April 2007
Most 2008 US president candidates support nuclear power 3 meiNew York Sun, 20 April 2007
Australia: Labor party changes uranium mining policy 3 meiReuters, 28 April 2007
US: More problems for Yucca Mountain 3 meiNuclear News Flashes, 18 April 2007
UK: Sellafield bodies has organs removed 3 meiN-Base Briefing 522, 21 April 2007
Japan: Toyocho votes against repository research 3 meiWorld Nuclear News, 23 April 2007
The raging grannies close Vermont Yankee gate 3 meiPersonal email Kavin Kamps, 27 April 2007
France: occupation of pylon near Flamanville 3 meiNuclear News Flashes, 16 April 2007
Holiday? Walk towrds a nuclear free future: UK, May 12 - August 6 3 mei
South Carolina says no to country's radioactive waste 18 mei(656.5800) NIRS
CSD fights over nuclear no results at the end 18 mei(656.5801) WISE Russia
Nuclear & carbon pricing 18 meigreenpeace
NRC sets out to whitewash atomic reactor accident risk 18 mei(656.5802) NIRS
Decommissioning projects regularly produce the unexpected 18 mei(656.5803) WISE Amsterdam
Australian uranium exports set to lear up 18 mei(656.5804) Diet Simon
New law bans nulear power in Queensland 18 meiThe Age, 2 May 2007
Residual risk: An account of events in nuclear power plants since the 1986 Chero 18 mei(656.58) Residual Risk Project Team
Residual risk: Advanced Material Degradation (before break) 18 mei
Residual risk: Significant primary coolant leaks 18 mei
Residual risk: Reactivity risks 18 mei
Residual risk: Fuel degradation (outside reactor core) 18 mei
Residual risk: Fires and explosions 18 mei
Residual risk: Station blackout 18 mei
Residual risk: Generic issues - reactor sump plugging 18 mei
Residual risk: Natural events 18 mei
Residual risk: Security events and malicious act 18 mei
BNP Paribas to finance start-up of Belene nuclear construction with 250 mln euro 18 meiItar-Tass, 14 May 2007
US Browns Ferry reactor to reopen 18 meiNew York Times, 11 May 2007
Finnish town council refuses to sell land for nuclear plant 18 meiPlanetArk, May 10, 2007
Russia and Myanmar sign contract for nuclear research center 18 meiChannelNews Asia, 16 May 2007
Germany: More money for nuclear research 18 meiDer Spiegel online, 8 May 2007
U.K.: Still Chernobyl restrictions 18 meiN-Base Briefing 525, 12 May 2007
Major Security breach at U.S. Palisades nuclear plant 18 meiEsquire, 12 May 2007
Germany: No more CO2 after closure of nuclear reactors 18 meiEnergie Nederland, 2 May 2007
Brazil: Environment minister opposes Lula's nuclear option 18 meiReuters, 3 & 10 May 2007
U.K. waste for Sweden 18 meiN-Base Briefing 525, 12 May 2007
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