Adder: World Nuclear Association News Briefing, juni 2001

Plaats: London, UK
Controversial legislation that allow Russia to import spent fuel 6 jun
An agreement on phasing out the production of nuclear power 6 jun
A final radiation protection standard for the proposed spent fuel repository 6 jun
A new bidding process for the country's Cerro Solo uranium deposit 6 jun
The newly-installed government of Silvio Berlusconi 6 jun
The proposed merger of Nebraska Public Power District 6 jun
A manager to administer the sale of North Atlantic Corp's 36% share 6 jun
A 1000 MWe VVER reactor will reportedly be built the Bashkir 6 jun
Taiwan's parlaiment has approved compensation for the nuclear plant contractors 6 jun
Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co (KHNP) has extended its deadline 6 jun
Southern Nuclear Operating Co plans to extend the operating cycles 6 jun
North Korea threatened to resume building nuclear reactors 6 jun
Preliminary approval for safety examination 6 jun
It is difficult to see how Europe can tackle climate change 6 jun
British Energy (BE) is considering further expansion13 jun
The re-elected labour government is to launch a comprehensive review13 jun
Swedish energy agency (STEM) head, Thomas Korsfeldt, has suggested13 jun
British Nuclear Fuel (BNFL) has stated that it hopes to restart the Wylfa nuclea13 jun
Kazakhstan is looking into the possibilty of storing low level nuclear waste13 jun
Duke power has made formal request for licence extension13 jun
A new study by three government ministies - the Chernobyl accident13 jun
Croatie and Slovenia have reached an agreement13 jun
Three members of the European Parliament have supported13 jun
Expansion has been approved for the 400 MWe Kaiga nuclear power plant13 jun
An appeals court has dismissed a legal case brought by Greenpeace13 jun
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)13 jun
President Bush is expected to act on recommendations to terminate13 jun
General Manager of the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC)13 jun
Prime minister Tony Blair has launched the first20 jun
US uranium production fell to 4 million pounds U308 (1538.6 tU) in 200020 jun
There is a more positive attitude towards building a fifth nuclear power plant20 jun
The operating licence for Entergy's Arkansas Nuclear One unit 1 (ANO-1)20 jun
E.ON AG would consider expanding into the US20 jun
The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has approved the transfer20 jun
A final dicision on whether to complete the Angra-3 reactor20 jun
A consortium led by Framatome ANP of France has signed20 jun
British Energy (BE) has published a report detailing its progress20 jun
WMC Ltd owner operator of the Olympic Dam project is rumoured20 jun
Legislation to allow increased foreign ownership in Cameco Corp20 jun
British Nuclear Fuels plc's (BNFL's) plans to open its Sellafield MOX plant20 jun
Canada has committed C$260 million (US$171 million) to clean up20 jun
The Zwilag interim storage facility in Wurenlingen20 jun
Canada has become the first country to officially offer to host the Iter fusion20 jun
Worldwide use of nuclear energy continued to rise in 200027 jun
The go-ahead for new nuclear power plants27 jun
The US nuclear industry27 jun
France: There is a statistically significant excess of leukaemia27 jun
The laser-based SILEX uranium enrichment technology27 jun
Plans to restructure the french nuclear industry27 jun
US: there is growing interest among European nuclear companies27 jun
US: The sale of the Indian Point-3 and FitzPatrick nuclear power plants27 jun
US: Exelon Nuclear has applied to the NRC27 jun
US: Nuclear managment Co will conduct tests27 jun
Russia: Leningrad-4 has been reconnected to the grid27 jun
Lithuania: Plans to install a new diverse shutdown system (DSS) at Ignalia-227 jun
US: Lawsuits challenging new radiation protection standards27 jun
Studsvik of Sweden has acquired Baumann Nuklear-Service GmbH27 jun
Russia: The draft law allowing the import of foreign spent nuclear fuel27 jun
Canada: Plans for a high level waste (HWL) storage site27 jun
Russia: Techsnabexport (Tenex) will sell 49 % of its shares27 jun
UK: BNFL reported a pre-tax loss of 210 million UK pounds27 jun
US: Fiscal year 2002 funding of US$ 443 million27 jun
Electricite de France (EdF) is seeking to have its electricity exports27 jun
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